My Skin Care Routine – PLASTIC FREE & Vegan | Osea Skincare Review


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I wanted to talk more about eco-friendly beauty brands that are taking their ingredients and packaging into consideration.
Today I’m sharing Osea ☼ A beautiful woman owed brand that has vegan & cruelty free goodies for your skin!
As well as natural ingredients that can do some serious good for your beautiful face.

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  1. I've heard great things about Osea products, but have yet to try. Love that it is a woman-owned company! The only thing I would say is misleading– the pumps look like they are plastic? Where I live those mixed plastics (because there's usually a metal coil and different types of plastic in the pump) are not recyclable. Therefore, to be devil's advocate this isn't a plastic free routine. Would be great if these are refillable (maybe I missed that part?)

    They still sound fantastic — it's exceptionally hard to find natural skincare + makeup that doesn't have plastic!

  2. Hi Shelby! I highly reccomend Walnut oil as a beauty oil. it's so much lighter than cocoanut and is almost always in sustainable bottles. Also, a bottle will last me a year no problem so it's very inexpensive. I first learned that Walnuts are so good for your memory and was recommended to me by my Dr to help my memory issues, but I'd use it regardless of that as it's helped my skin so much x

  3. I love the concept of these, but I'm not sold on the price. I have been using The Ordinary for over a year now, and they're plastic free, CF, and vegan (mostly, I think maybe one or two items may not be vegan) and insanely affordable! The only thing I've not liked from them was their primer – but I've also noticed that facial primer is one of those gimmicky beauty products that I don't really need.

  4. I wonder if this would work with my skin. I've been thinking about investing in skin care because the oil my face produces is just incredible. Like really. I think I could win a world record or something.

  5. It’s good if it doesn’t suds up or foam. When things foam/suds they have ingredients that dry out the skin. So for oily pple- it’ll just make the skin more oily to compensate and of course- dry skin will just get drier…also for me ( my skin is now dry sensitive I have redness, it used to be oily and acne prone) if I use items on my face w fragrance it makes my skin more red and if there’s citrus essential oils it will irritate my skin and make me more red.

  6. I saw in a video you posted a few weeks ago about the single makeup whips thing that pissed me off lol. But for anyone who does use those you should instead use coconut oil and a face towel. It works better for makeup remover and is low in waste (coconut oil glass container)

  7. There’s a clean beauty store called Credo, they carry only clean beauty and a lot of it is plastic free. They carry Osea and other faves of mine like Marie Veronique and Indie Lee. They also have a really cool program where they take back your used up products and terracycle then and you get points! It’s a great because I find myself using up my products more, as well as buying more thoughtfully (because one product cost about what I’d pay for three at Sephora.) It’s also nice because someone has already done the research for me and it’s a one stop shop for all things nontoxic. Highly recommend looking into it!

  8. I don’t know if you can order to the us, but Bravura London are amazing – natural ingredients, mostly in glass or metal, almost everything now is vegan (and they’re working on making their line 100%)

  9. I’ll have to look into this! I really wish eco friendly brands catered towards sensitive skin or people with skin problems in general. Everything I use has to be unscented, I was trying to find a unscented lotion in glass packaging and finally found one at Whole Foods, but it was $50 for 4 oz, and considering I use it for face a body I knew I’d go through it too fast. It’s hard to switch to some eco friendly products when they’re so expensive, especially cause my normal lotion is $10 for 16 oz. that’s probably my biggest problem at the moment

  10. I loved the video but the glare on your glasses was driving me crazy in the beginning. I would highly recommend an antireflective coating on the lenses (if these are your real glasses) because it gets rid of the glare but also is more comfortable for your eyes.

  11. I'm curious what do you think of lines like Aveda or Pure?

    Also, what do you think about companies that don't use preservatives? They seem kind of wasteful to me. Like taking Pure cosmetics into account, you have three months from opening before they advise you to throw it out. Even if I used only one lip color, I wouldn't have used it all up by then. I opted to keep products in the freezer to try and elongate their life, but it seems it would be best health wise and resources wise to use products that have preservatives. What do you think?

  12. I can smell the elate cosmetics video coming that I have been waiting for!
    My lingering and lurking in my sub box will finally be rewarded!
    I am really so excited for this because the stuff I use regularly that is packaged in plastic is coming to an end.

  13. I love watching your videos! One of my close friends was using some of the
    O sea products you mention in the video and I’ve been wanting to try them. Your video definitely confirmed that I need to try some of these. Going to add these to my Christmas list. -Much love from Dallas ❤️

  14. "It will go a long ways. It's not too heavy, it's not too light. I have nothing bad to say about this. It's not too heavy, it's not too light." Lol so you're saying it's not too heavy and not too light?

  15. Quick tip on applying serums so they distribute well on your face with a reasonable amount of product:
    Spray your toner. Before it dries, begin applying your serum to wet skin.
    This helps prevent transepidermal water loss (water drying out your skin) and it helps evenly distribute your serums/oils.

  16. I have used this brand for a few months now. If you had to try only a few choice items I would for sure try the Ocean Cleanser, Red Algae Mask, and the Essential Corrective Oil. I have the toner and the mud cleanser but they haven't been as great for acne and my skin as the other products. One other note, is the products last a long time, the pump gives you the exact amount you need. Worth the price!


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