MY SKINCARE ROUTINE | Why I Don’t Get Pimples


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Hope you guys enjoyed my skincare routine!!

Hey babes!! Here is my updated skincare routine with all my favorite skincare products. I’ve never dealt with acne, but I do have sensitive skin that can be difficult to take care of. Here are just some products that work for me and help me get rid of pimples! xoxo hails

Face Cleansers –
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser:
Bioderma H2O Water:

Dr. Jart Hydro Gel:
Dr. Jart Eye Gel:
Clinique Moisturizer:
Coconut Water Cream:

Face Masks-
Too Faced Glow Job:
Fresh Beauty Vitamin Mask:
Blaq Mask:

Face Oil-
Milk Sunshine Oil:
Dermalogica Oil:

Overnight Treatment:
Glaw Glow Duo:
Dr. Jart Overnight Mask:

Face Mists-
Mario Badescu Rosewater Mist:
Nooni Face Mist:

Lip Mask:

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  1. For all of you saying that it’s just up to genes. You are right, but no matter your genes, using these products will prevent acne. Of course if you already have acne it won’t clear your skin for some people but it’s always a good idea to try

  2. Why do some humans even have to get acne. What biologically made us have to get this 🙁 it’s not fair that no matter what some of us have big zits and can’t do anything about it cause our body says so. (Hormones and genes)

  3. i hate acne. i have it in my forehead, but they're just those small ones that never go away!… but i do acne scars all over my cheeks, and IDK how to get rid of them!!! I HAVE TRIED LEGIT EVERYTHING, but they are still there! pls helpp

  4. I disagree with anyone who says it is genes. Yes it is genes, but also, having a good skin care routine can minimize acnme by so much. I first watched this video 6 months ago, and did all of these steps… my skin looks soooooo much better. Yes, i still have acne but so much less it is unbelievable. I think it will be completely gone in around 3 months!


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