Finally uploading my skincare routine! Hope you guys enjoy!! Love you so much 🙂

Products mentioned:
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser

Kate Somerville Resurfacing Peel Pads

Kate Somerville Quench Oil Free Hydrating Serum

Charlotte’s Magic Cream (moisturizer)

My mum’s Rodan + Fields:
Her instagram: @janine_bauer

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  1. Well I guess many people will get upset of me if I say that. I know she's very cute and beautiful and nice and everything and I admit this. But if you rethink about it again. The fame that she got so quickly is 80 percent because of her looks and I guess she knows she's gorgeous that's why she became famous. I'm not saying that out of jealousy but in contrary I know many famous people who became very famous instagram personality and youtubers because of something… for example social experts, musicians, artists, athletes…etc. I think people obsessed over Jess just because 1 she's gorgeous 2 she's a humble gorgeous person 3 appearance and good financial estate I guess. Even her .make up tutorials are not that good… that doesn't mean I don't like her as a person she's very nice but I still insist on having almost all those people obsessing over her because of beauty.

  2. Roden and Fields is now in USA, Canada and Australia only. In future they will expand into more countries.

    R+F Business // Products Evaluation:

    ● R+F is worth One Billion in revenue.

    ● Ranked #1 in skin care.

    ● Sales are derived from single purchases, subscriptions and consultant sign-ups.

    ● This product is sold online through social media referrals back to the landing page.

    ● Products are distributed through Consultants and mail orders directly from company.

    ● R+F separates themselves from the competition by offering everyone an opportunity to live happier and help others live happier in their skin.

    ● Customer needs and questions are answered in detail in company websites.

    I am offering dermatology approved, high-end skin care product. These products are derived from a multitude of formulas to provide help for all different skin types. The client's goal is to become a consultant for an already established company and market. Through market analysis, this product already has a loyal customer base. The company has a sales structure that allows for little investment upfront. R+F offers a network, website, and content for the consultants to utilize. My goal is to outsource marketing to have an ongoing profitable business.

    If you may have access to a targeted list of people with the skin problems or interested to have business from home I will be happy to work with you. Thanks again. Lea


    Gender: Female

    Age Range: 25-60

    Annual Income: $65,000

    Location: Midwest With some exposure in the South.

    Role: Mother and Wife Personality: Caretaker, Healer, Religious, Family Oriented.

    Work: Retired. Focus on Children, Grandchildren, and pets.

    Needs: More money to provide for Family.

    Fears: Not being perfect physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

    Family Life: Close to their immediate family. She encourages the teachings of God for moral guidance. Focused on making money to support the next generation.

    Values: Daughters of God, strong and supporting wives, teachers and healers of the kids, inspirational and adventures for the next generation. She has a strong sense of community.

    Challenges: lack of knowledge on how to maintain skin care and overall well being. Needing to provide more for the frivolous spending behaviors and their families.

    Here are some email pages with more information:


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