My Top 10 CELEBRITY Fragrances for Women


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  1. You should give it a try to Sofia by Sofia Vergara edp. It’s one of the best celebrity fragrances out there, floral oriental with great sillage and longevity. The bottle is so pretty. The fragrance truly represents the beauty, sexiness and sex appeal of Sofia Vergara.

  2. I love that you did this video and I wear and appreciate all of them that you mentioned here. One older, vintage celeb scent that I particularly like is Cher Uninhibited – great stuff if you can find it. Thanks a lot for the great reviews!

  3. Happy New Year !! Stop it…with that shirt !!! I love it!!! When I visit England …I will have to ROB your shirts in your closet….LOL. Great video!! My favorite is the Adam Levine !!!!! Glad to see you included it in your list. Cheers !!

  4. my favs are from Naomi Campbell and Rihanna. i own only rihanna rogue love (really like it), then also lady gaga 007 (which is ok for bad mood days) and pharrel williams girl (dont like it at all)

  5. Why everyone likes the Glow from Jlo?is absolutely terrible,smell like my grandmas soap,very cheap scent and very boring.Madonna Truth or Dare is very strong,gives me chronic pain to my head
    Midnight Fantasy is that exactly,ONLY for midnight,very strong plum opening,is nice i guess
    Lovely is so romantic,a must have perfume,in my skin the notes,Salt,white amber,mandarin,orchid always come up in the beginning,the only note that i don't like in this is the lavender
    Fantasy is a masterpiece for me,always get so much compliments for this scent,is very gourmet,sweet,sexy and playful scent,white chocolate,cupcakke,litchi,and the wood notes is first that come up on my skin

  6. Thanks so much for making this video! I've been trying a lot of designer fragrances lately (that's all I can find in the city I'm in right now) and have been rather disappointed. A lot of new fragrances start great, then rush to a very mediocre dry down. It's obvious they are using some super ordinary synthetics, and yet, the prices don't match up. I'll give some of these celebrity fragrances a try instead!


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