My Top 25 Women’s Fragrances


I have to be honest when subscribers first started asking about more women’s fragrance content I was like “what, aren’t there tons of people out there doing that?” until I looked and wow. There are like 5-10 fragrance male reviewers and the rest are like comedians on BuzzFeed cracking jokes about this stuff. No wonder so many women are confused at what men think. As a stylist for both sex I take my profess seriously and always want to help be an answer to someone’s question. Well here you go and I will continue making more balanced content for all fragrance and fashion lovers. Here are my, just my, top women’s fragrances right now. Check them out and I’d love to hear about yours. Enjoy!


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  1. Love this video, got a sample of Shanghai Lily when I bought Blanc de Soleil and I wore it today, really enjoyed it :-). Do more women’s fragrances I like your style and whole approach, thank you for your time making these vid’s for us 🙂

  2. Nice suit! So many of these are so uninspiring to me. I have no interest in smelling like every other woman on the street. Ambre Narguile, Eau Duelle, any other niches appeal. Angel, rose scents…blah. I think my main issue as well is that almost every designer fragrance gives me a headache. Love your delivery and appreciate your perspective.

  3. my all time favorite right now TF noir pour femme. I'm in love with it, unfortunately I have to keep the bottle in my purse to reapply because it just doesn't last.

  4. thank you for the list. I love fresh and/or herb/woody fragrances, i don't like sweet and veeery heavy like Si by Armani or La vie est belle by Lancome ( it's subjective).
    l'eau par by Kenzo
    l'eau d'issey pure by issey miyake
    relaxing fragrance by shiseido (Not anymore in production)
    toni by toni gard
    Rain by Marc Jacobs
    woodsage &sea salt, Black cedarwood & juniper, wild bluebell, Garden lilies, Whisky & cedarwood by jo malone
    molecule 1 by ecsentric molecule.

  5. Thank you for this list I've been trying to buy some fragrances for my lady, and Lancôme la nuit tresor has been one I've been thinking about. So I going to grab that and check out escentric molecule .

  6. Bro check out Rituals Voyage en Inde. It was released in 2016 and has niche quality. My sister uses it and this is a very affordable winter gem. Jasmin, patchouli and amber done right! It projects like a monster. Review it before it gets reformulated, because this one will rain down like the Vesuvius.

  7. Any and all advice appreciated in advance. I'm in my mid 20's COMPLETELY over the smelling-like-a-fruit-basket phase, looking for something more age appropriate, grown, and sexy. Spring and summer fragrances ideas? *NEW SUBBIE* here

  8. Loving the videos I missed this one had to come back and check it out. Question though would you recommend buying samples if so whats the best place/site to get them from or for a person to go to a local fragrances shop and just smell smell away? Thanks

  9. LOOOVED this video! Can't thank you enough for making it. I also like how you mixed high street and niche perfumes. I want to get Molecule 01 as I already have Ecsentric 01. I have tried Thierry Mugler Angel and it was a scrubber for me. No

  10. I'm obsessed with TF Tobacco Vanille (obviously… it's amazing) and loving Bvlgari Jasmine Noir right now (Jasmine, tonka, licorice, Amber, patchouli, resins, etc). I will definitely check out those you listed. Thanks again

  11. Thank you for a great video. I just picked up a sample of Shanghai Lily, can't wait to wear it this weekend! Also, am dying to try Molecule 01. It sounds intriguing. I have watched so many videos about women's perfume mostly made by women and their recommendations are not to my taste. Your list is right up my alley. Love, love, love, Back to Black. Would bath in it if I could. Going to bookmark this video!!!! Thanks again for this video. Please keep them coming. If I ever win the lottery, I am going to hire you to style me. I could use some help!!!!


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