My Top 5 MOST COMPLIMENTED Fragrances For Women


I just did the men’s, so now it’s the ladies turn! These are my powerhouse compliment getters. All amazing perfumes…worthy of a mention. 🙂





Dolce & Gabanna Red Cap




  1. You do such great reviews! Thanks for sharing. I like your perspective as a male who wears female fragrances (not that fragrance should only be for one gender or the other), and you’re about my age with similar nostalgia of time. I’ll have to find your review of “By,” a fragrance I got in 2004/2005ish when I was stationed in Iraq. I’ve kept it since then to sniff for the memories.

  2. D&G was my honeymoon perfume on 1999 I’m so amazed that you mentioned it, such amazing memories are connected to it ❤️ And after this beautiful video I will buy it again for sure❤️

  3. Hi, I'm from KazakhstanI 'd like to adk ypu to try the feformulated version of Stella, please make your review, on websites it is only the reformulated version 2014 year of issue, want to order it but only if it's not changed, and smells like you describe the old version, trust your taste, thank you.

  4. Just curious….when I was in Paris, I discovered "Mystere" from the House of Rochas.  It has been discontinued and I am so so sad about this.   I was just wondering if you knew it and also your thoughts on it….

  5. have you ever tried hypnose by Lancome, it's my all time signature, it's so feminine, so gorgeous, please review it if you have done it yet because I like the way you describe fragrances; )

  6. Nice review! i love all the big smelly smells too. Especially if they take me on a voyage and I still love them at the dry down stage 🙂 Love your accent 😀

  7. Hi Ouch110, I would like to know what's your Opnion on "Guerlain, Les Elixirs Charnels, Gourmand Coquin" Yes it's a gourmand but maybe you know this one

    thumbs up 4 you video's
    You inspires me so much thank You 4 that 😉

  8. Your reviews on fragrances are the best !! I'm a big fan of D&G pour femme it's defintely my scent or maybe it was :'( I'm so sad that they stopped scelling it . I have tried the new fragrance they made but sorry it smells like sh** ! It's irreplaceable . I switched to YSL Cinéma which is more close to the scents I like but still not happy . Could you tell me please where I can find it or a maybe a fragrance that is a bit smilar to it . Thx a lot


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