My Winter Skincare Routine 2018!


My Winter Skincare Routine 2018 | Marissa Rachel – Check out the Yes To hair clay masks that we featured in the video (available at Target!): Tea Tree Hair Clay Mask-
Superblueberries Hair Clay Mask-

– Here’s my skincare routine for acne prone skin! Comment if you want a how to get clear skin + how I cleared my acne video. ♥ PLEASE HELP ME GET TO 1.7 MILLION SUBS: (Turn on Notifications to join the PANDAFAM!).♥

Comment if you want to see my skincare routine for dry skin or a my skincare routine for oily skin, or a my skincare routine drugstore products edition, my skincare routine for combination skin, my skincare routine for clear glowy skin, my skincare routine for clear skin, my skincare routine for blackheads, Morning skincare routine for acne prone skin, how I cleared my skin, or a my skincare routine for sensitive skin! Thank you to Yes To for partnering with me on this video.

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  1. Marissa Rachel, During the winter when I get out of the shower I mix in my hands a mixture of petroleum jelly and a good quality and put it on everything but my face, then dry off. As a result haven't had problem with dry skin. Though I'm a man, I wash my face with a deep clean moisturizing cream year round and gently apply a quality sun screen year round. I use a exfoliating scrub on my face once a week. After I shave, I wash off the remainder or shaving cream and wash my face with a moisturizing cleaning cream, then apply a thin coat of sun screen. I'm 61 and my skin is still good. I enjoy your videos, but I won't wear makeup, lol.

  2. 2 good lip balms I would TOTALLY suggest to you is Burt’s bees (specifically vanilla bc that one is thick) and the hydration chapstick. They come in a kind of metallic/silver balm and have a thick consistence


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