Nail Art – Hand-Painted Lace On Stiletto Tutorial


Suzie demonstrates how to do a hand-painted lace design on gel polished stiletto nails in this thorough tutorial. There are lots of great tips in this video.

0:37 Gel Base Coat application
1:10 Cure with Gel Lamp
1:22 Color Coat
1:51 Flash Cure
3:12 2nd Coat
3:20 Why use Gel vs Polish?
3:40 Full Cure
3:50 Remove Sticky Gel Layer
3:55 Buff the Gel
4:12 White Calligraphy Pen Nail Art
5:25 Dotting Tool
6:40 Designing the rest of the nails
7:17 Clean your brush
8:26 Adding the ‘Bling’ – Jewels
9:58 The Photo-shoot Reveal

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  1. You are such an inspiration!!! I am in awe of your knowledge, talent, courage to try so many new things and the beauty of your spirit. I am grateful for every thing that you share with us.


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