Nail Brushes For Acrylic Nails


Suzie shows her favorite nail brushes for acrylic application, why she loves them, as well as how to use, clean and store the brushes. This How To video is full of great tips.

0:26 Beginners – start with a square brush
1:15 Oval Shaped Brush
1:30 Don’t share your brush
1:56 How to Keep Oval Brushes shape when cleaning the Brush
2:48 Keeping Acrylic out of the brush
4:44 Price of Brushes
4:44 Brush Sizes
5:36 Cleaning Brush
6:00 Storing your brush

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  1. Hey Suzie! I’ve recently found out some new techniques about acrylic removal and removing the cuticles. I’m a nail tech but I trust your intelligence about nails better than myself. So, I’ve found that soaking your nails in monomer for 2-5 minutes eventually softens the acrylic and it comes off by itself or you might apply a gentle pressure and pull it but not hardly! And using some acetone free nail polish remover to get that sticky stupid cuticle out actually works after that you have pushed them back. It reduces the stickiness of the cuticle and it comes off easy. Would you help me with testifying that? I know it will really make the skin and cuticles dry but I just wanted to know if it’s safe.

  2. Hi.
    Love your videos! I want to know why odorless acrylic does not set up as good as the other acrylic? And i have a top coat Lina that does not set up very well eather. Thank you so much.
    Debbie. 🙂

  3. I think I would just go ahead and start with learning using the rounded brush. If I'll be using it anyway, might as well spend all my time becoming really familiar with it. I feel like if I learn to do a good job with more difficult tools, I'll learn more about the details and the process and probably eventually learn to do a better job overall no matter what I'm using. Maybe?

  4. I'm an artist/crafter and starting to get into using gels, acrylics, and nail art. I'm using the paint brushes you get at the craft store for now and they seem just fine. Depending where you live for shopping and mail order, artist paint brushes maybe easier and cheaper to obtain. The number sizes are the same for art or nail brushes. Try art brushes for makeup too!


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