Nail Tips vs Nail Forms


Suzie explains the difference of using Tips vs Forms to create beautiful Nails.

ilnpbrand electric blue

1:38 For this design Suzie chooses a clear tip
2:07 Sizing and Fitting a Tip
4:20 Apply Tip with Glue
4:57 Buff surface of Tip
5:10 Applying Acrylic with French/Baby Boomer Technique
5:46 Using a Form
5:56 Place the Form under the nail
6:40 Applying Acrylic to Build the French/Baby Boomer Nail
7:49 Sculpt with File
8:22 Oil the Cuticle to clean dust
8:46 Wash Hands before Polish
8:52 Tip vs Nail: Nail Tech personal choice
9:02 Why Suzie uses Forms
9:45 Finished Reveal Photo's
9:54 Final advice on Tips vs Forms

Pressed Dried Flowers Design Water Slide Nail Decals
black orchid

0:29 Five different Tip Designs
Products used in this video:
Pure Ice Nail Polish
INM Integrity



  1. I like the look the form makes better it’s not a sudden dramatic drop downward when it comes off the end of the nail I don’t like the nail really unnaturally bending down after the natural nail just isn’t pleasing

  2. I have NEVER done a nail in my life (im 58 years old), i watched your tutorials over and over. Finally, tried to do my own and they came out fantastic!! Now, everyone in the family asks me to do their nails..Im now practicing the technics that you've shown us! I have "ombre" almost down pat. Thank you!!! You are a fantastic teacher!!

  3. Need help i use tips has if use forms nails just snap my problem is my middle fingers and 1 index finger have a bend a little in it a little a bit like a bend on nail tip when u look at it sideways way it curves and if i place tips on like u do in vid same angle like u do when i hold my hand out the look wonkey duw to slight bend in my fingers can u do vid in someone with bent fingers and how u get round it please has it would help me out bug time has not everyone has strat fingers ? Xx

  4. Pls help me….I tried tips method and dual form method using clear tip as a popit but everytime when I tried to remove popit (after letting it dry for 2 mins) i failed to remove it either the clear nails popit get cracked or it comes out with the monomer solution n then I've to throw it bcuz it's hard to clean it and unable to re use….same goes with the other method and dipping tips in an acrylic powder gets my nail thicker outside n from inside both ….in my country we don't have nail primer / hydrator …..I've asp acrylic nail kit n nail oil n top coat that's it pls advice

  5. I do my own nails useing tips has when use forms they snap on me my question is how do u cut ur nail tips befor applying acrylic all same length on your self so all same length if posibul could u do video on it please

  6. Im really interested in doing this on myself so I bought some glue on nails to practice getting used to having long nails, how long does it typically take to get used to them? or does it vary? Im a nail biter btw but trying to stop.


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