Ombre Halloween Nail Art – Step By Step Tutorial


Suzie has fun with a colorful Ombre and Calligraphy Pen Halloween Design.

PURPLE HAZE -Multi-Chrome Color Shifting Nail Polish Puple, Green, Blue, Cyan

0:27 White Polish Base Coat
0:49 Three Colors of Polish for Ombre Background
1:34 Painting the Ombre Design
3:43 Allow Ombre to Dry
3:50 Add Top Coat
3:57 Clean up Cuticles
4:20 Shake Calligraphy Paint – and wait for bubbles to settle
5:08 Painting Halloween Designs with Calligraphy Pen
6:00 Filling in with a Dotting Tool
7:59 Finished Ombre Halloween Design

Polish “Slick Like That” Nail Polish Quick Dryt with Sifting Oil
MIRROR Linear Holographic Nail Polish



  1. That's awesome! I'd love to see you put some little dachshunds on your nail if that is possible. I bought dachshund nail stickers but I doubt they will look very good compared to painted on! Keep up the great work, we love and enjoy you!


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