Organic / Natural Makeup Tutorial


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The products I’ve used in the film are:

Bourjois – Bio Detox Organic Foundation:
Dr. Hauschka – Lavender Dreams Balancing Teint Powder:
Dr. Hauschka – Translucent Make-up:
Korres – Wild Rose Compact Powder Brightening:
Korres – Wild Rose Concealer:
Korres – Wild Rose Foundation:
Lavera – Natural Liquid Foundation:

Dr. Hauschka – Liquid Eyeliner:
Lavera – Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow:
Lavera – Organic Double Black Mascara:
Lavera – Organic soft Liner:

Korres – Pomegranate Lip Butter:

Butter London – Nail Lacquer:

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I’ve been asked many times if I ever use organic and natural make-up brands in my kit. As much as i would love to use all organic make-up I find that the range of colours in these brands is often too limiting for professional work (particularly in terms of foundation shades and textures). Due to the fact that many of the chemical ingredients and silicones are omitted there will always be certain textures and pigment types which they cannot achieve. However, the market for these ranges is growing and they are improving all the time in terms of their formulations and colour palettes. I’ve included my current favourite natural brands Lavera, one of the best out there, along with well established Dr Hauschka. These are brands I have used personally for years.

I havent touched on the subject of animal testing (suffice to say all the brands mentioned have animal welfare high on their list), as its such a huge subject. Working in the industry I know more about this than most but its not something i can cover and do justice to in a short video. Ditto the use of silicone in cosmetics. I did include all my thoughts on silicone in this video but it was 25 minutes long! I don’t have a problem with silicone myself, its worked its way through the medical industry for years before making it into cosmetics but its up to you to make your mind up for yourself. The look i’m creating is very simple and untechnical as I wanted to focus more on the textures and feel of using these products.

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I can’t guarantee that all of the make-up and skincare products I recommend will suit you. I only use products I personally think are good having tried them on myself and my clients but everyone’s skin is different and it’s possible to be allergic to anything. Wherever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing.

I only feature products I like, or want to try. The products I use in these videos are either purchased by me or sent to me by make-up companies to use in my professional capacity as a make-up artist for fashion and celebrity photo shoots, red carpet etc. I am also sent products by many of the top magazines to judge for awards.

I do not accept payment and am not sponsored to make any of the films on this channel. Some of the links under the videos and blog posts on my site are affiliated however and as stated before, I only feature products I like, or want to try.



  1. Thank you for this video. There are a lot of new improved brands you can try now. Uoga uoga, alkemilla, liquid flora (for mascara) and coleur caramel have good performances. Mostly because a lot of esters from renewable sources are now excellent in cosmethic formulations, instead of silicones. Organic market is growing.

  2. Dear Lisa, it is always so lovely to visit and watch your videos over and over. I find them so therapeutic and uplifting… especially when I am feeling down. I love Aveda products, I think they are great and have always wanted to try their make-up. Now that I am revisiting this video with "natural/ organic products"I was wondering if you could do an updated video using that brand alone. I think Aveda products can be found everywhere while the products featured in this video are not available in the USA, except for one. Thank you so much, and thank you for this channel! Be well! xo

  3. I would love to see an update to this video! There are just so many things in most make up products that are harmful to the environment and I would love to see options to that!

  4. I’d be really interested in a cruelty free/vegan cosmetics version of this video. Natural and Organic are so misused in branding, but I’ve gotten really curious about the cruelty free options out there.

  5. I developed allergies on my eyes and skin and it was my makeup! Years using a bunch of brands, got my faves, and now, i had to change everything and start from zero. Rip essence lash princess; maybelline mascaras; mac painpot indiewood; elf blusher; essence eyeshadows; loreal foundations; elf contour powder; and so many beauties i could not get to use. Farewell, my loves.

  6. An update would be great. I use also mineral make-up (like Bare Minerals) but I fear I do not put the right amount of product under my eyes: then I see the fine wrinkles which is not nice. Thank you very much!

  7. Please do an updated version of this video! It is so hard to find reliable knowledge about nontoxic organic makeup and you have done such a wonderful job and I would love to see an update with different products since it has been 6 years since this video and there are tons of new brands and products but no reliable professionals to give me information without trying to sell me products

  8. It's a good attitude to pursue healthier life styles and care about the ingredients we put on our faces. But some people just go to another extreme by being against all sorts of "chemicals". Silicon does nothing bad if it is processed properly. Today people tend to exaggerate its bad.


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