Perfecting 3D Acrylic Flowers


Suzie has never quite been satisfied with her 3D Flowers. Follow along with Suzie as she perfects her 3D Acrylic Flower technique.

Products featured in this video:

Acrylic 3D Brush – UGLY DUCKLING

Dip Powders
Kiara Sky


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  1. Are you able to do these techniques on your other hand as well? I tried to do just my own regular acrylics and my left hand was hard enough. I couldn’t even imagine doing the other hand

  2. I really love the color one so beautiful I've been having trouble trying to do it I've been doing my own nails now or about five six years and I'm just getting the hang of all kinds of stuff so I really enjoy your videos showing me things and I really appreciate you for taking your time making the videos and showing people how to do them I've learned so much from you thank you love your camera man's voice


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