Pink Gel Chrome Bling Nails


Suzie creates a dazzling Barbie Nail Design using Pink Gel Polish, Blue Chrome Powder, and Blings It Up with Jewels! Find out how using Chop Sticks can help your nail skills 🙂

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Products used in this video:

Gel Polish #31

No Wipe Top Coat


Glow LED Nail Dryer by Vanity Planet

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Have Fun!




  1. I have watched just about All your videos & Absolutly Love them!!! Your the person who has got me into doing nails and I have learned from .. Thank you for that !!! BUTTT in this video while watching you put on your Bling and hearing you say your Big Bling Crystal was a Swarovski & you picked it up with your stick full of gel … I about died… I guess to some of Us who are on fixed incomes and can't afford to buy these things it matters on how we do these things … I would Never say nothing Bad Nor Negative about You or the way you do Nails … But Man that made me Cringe !!!! Keep up the Great work and Hope to Learn alot more from you .. and Hope there was No Offence taken !!! Love You & Adam Both !!!!

  2. I love these but I can’t stand gems on my nails. I’m not big into nail art either. Idk why or how to over come it. I’ve bought so many gems and nail art stuff (stamps/stampers, acrylic paints, calligraphy pens, brushes etc and I can do it on others or the display fake nails but on me I can’t stand it. I almost feel like my nails are smothering. I can only handle acrylic nails for maybe a week then I have to take them off too. Ugh. Help lol.


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