PolyGel Glitter Inlay Using Amazon DIY Kit


Suzie creates a gorgeous Blue Glitter ‘PolyGel’/Hybrid Gel Inlay using Makartt’s DIY friendly products from their Nail Extension Gel Nail Starter Kit, and their Portable Electric Drill (E-File). This Step by Step Tutorial is full of great Pro Tips.
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Makartt’s nail products can be purchased without a Nail Tech License and are available at Amazon. The links below are Amazon Affiliate links.
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Makartt Glitter Polygel Kit
Amazon USA
Amazon Canada
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Makartt Electric Nail File
Amazon USA
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Makartt Polygel Kit ($44.99)
Amazon USA
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Here are links to a couple sets of Advanced Nail Drill Bits Suzie discusses in the video are better for Sculpting. Please be sure you are experienced using an E-File before using the ‘teethy' bits :
MAKARTT Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bits Set
Amazon USA
Amazon Canada

Makartt B-18 Cuticle Nail Drill Bits Set


Video Timestamps:
00:41 Unboxing
07:05 Base Coat
08:39 Hybrid Gel Application
12:42 Glitter Inlay
19:12 Shaping with E-File
27:51 Top Coat
29:47 Reveal Photos

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  1. Dear Susie I’m a 17 year old who loves doing nails I’ve been doing them since I was 16 and I would like to start doing nails but I haven’t gotten the chance to make money so I don’t know how I’m gonna buy everything I need to do peoples nails is there any tips you can give me as a broke nail tech, I only have three gel polishes because they’re so expensive. Is there any tricks in this business?

  2. I love this video but I really hope you make a follow up using the forms. I'm one of those viewers that isn't licensed and I really don't have experience building nails. I'm also curious about the infill process with this type of hybrid gel.

  3. Hi Suzie, I love, love, love watching your channel and have so much fun listening to you explain how to use the different products. I would be so stoked to get my nails done by you, so if you ever decide to come to Victoria, Australia, I'll be there lol but on a serious note…do you recommend coating the underneath of your nail with a top coat?

  4. Another absolutely fabulous fantastic video!! Thank you thank you thank you…!! You make it look so super easy and so MUCH FUN! Love watching your videos! It really inspires me!
    Thank you!
    Be blessed!
    Kindest regards
    Rita G xxxxxxx

  5. Hello Suzie – I have a huge question; my gel top and base coat are bubling big time when I apply them ti may natural nails; I follow all the steps to prevent bubbling, yet it still happens; how can I prevent that? I notice, when I paint the top and base coat on I apply a bit of pressure to the brush and I see little bubles form, how can I prevent this? Thanks!!

  6. Anyone know why the cameraman isn't addressed by name? I understand that's his job. But hes been apart of so many videos. Kinda want to know of him by name. Just my thoughts.

  7. I bought their other kit and I can’t get them to stay on! I just washed my hair after applying them a 3rd time this week and they all popped off! I have super short hair so it’s not like they’re under water long… Thought I was doing things right. Any help??


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