PolyGel vs Builder Gel


Suzie demonstrates the difference between Hybrid Gel and Builder Gel, including the application technique.

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00:40 Form Application
02:03 Comparing Brushes
03:20 Comparing Base Coats
04:48 Hybrid Gel Application
10:53 Builder Gel Application
16:01 Shaping with File
19:49 Polish
21:45 Reveal Photos
21:56 Ask Suzie Q&A


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  1. Hi !! I am home taught and love your videos. My question is though, can hybrid gel be used to fill regular builder gel? If you have nails with clear or pink builder ger but want to start using hybrid without removing everything? Thank you so much.

  2. I put on nails on one of my friends and her nails lasted 7+ weeks because of how i’ve done the structure (thanks to Suzie of course who taught me through her videos how to enhance what i already knew). Thank you Suzie for making me love nails and teaching me how to do them properly. We all love you ❤️

  3. I was wondering if anyone knows why this happens to my nails but everytime I have acrylics or gel nails is can come of in 2 days… I can also just pull of nail polish as if I use a peel of base coat.. does anyone know what can cause that?

  4. I have a question for you. I use polygel on my nails very frequently but I always have a problem with lifting. I follow the instructions that came with the gel and I still get lifting after about a week of wear. Any advice?

  5. Great video. I use polygel and fill every 3-4 weeks. Your filing skills are amazing. Any tips for non-dominant hand?

    Also I change my polish every few days, so I use acetone a lot. Right now I don’t use the basecoat, but probably should bc I do get a little lift on occasion, so I redo occasionally.

    Great video as usual!!

  6. Hi Suzie and Camera Man. I have a question, but first: I watch your videos over and over because I always remember something new every time. (And because Camera Man makes them so pleasing to watch). Now, my question is, what is the best way to remove bubbles from gel before curing?

  7. I wish she would do a video on the myths and truths of acrylics/gel/faux nails.

    Like some folks say that acrylics will make your nails lose their strength and become more brittle.

  8. I just did my polygel nails today for the second time. My first application was lovely, but so many of them popped off after a week….watching your video, I've skipped the step to put topcoat down first. Thank you! Even if this set pops off, I'll know better next time. I'm having fun with these. I learn a lot from your videos, thank you!


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