Pony’s Nighttime Skin Care Routine 포니 스킨케어 루틴 | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR


The fascination with Korean skincare routines is only getting stronger: basically, we'll add 100 extra steps into our nightly ritual if it promises softer, smoother, clearer skin. To show us exactly how it's done, we enlisted the help of Pony, a top makeup artist and celebrity in South Korea with millions of loyal followers.

Producer: Kathryn Rice
Director of Photography: Rob Dumé
Camera: Valerie Schenkman
Editor: Chris Davies
Graphic Designer: Perri Tomkiewicz
Director of Graphics: Danny Ratcliff
Motion Designer: Siqi Xu
Colorist: Erica Dillman

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  1. 0:34 , 1:10
    I think this 2 parts have errors at translating. Pony said "무리 없이" and it means without giving stimulus for skins. But in this video , I think editor thought that Pony said "물 없이", so editor translated pony's word as "without water".

  2. 마스크팩을 했는데 왜 도로 다시 토너로 지워버리고 크림도 바르나요??
    마스크팩 에센스가 얼굴에 있도록 그 위에 크림을 바르던지 안바르던지 둘다 에센스가 얼굴에 남아있도록 해주는데 토너로 닦아내는건 왜 하는건가요?그럼 마스크팩 에센스가 지워지지 않나요?

  3. One thing I've always been perplexed by with this routine, and hopefully someone can help me out: why does she put the sheet mask on before toner? In most other routines I've seen, it usually goes on after toner, essence, and serums. Thanks in advance!

  4. Im just here to say that I discovered Pony's channel just yesterday and I fell inlove! 🙂 Have been reading about K-beauty lately, and started following SokoGlam after purchasing some Korean beauty products in El Salvador. So, let's say I started 2019 embracing K beauty, and following tips (such as "tap don't rub") and steps in the right order, and can tell that I have seen differences (for the better!) in my skin. 🙂

  5. Does anyone know exactly which "pore brush" she's using? I wish Harper's would list detailed names of brand/product names. Her brush looks really gentle. I have the Clarisonic which is too rough for me so I'm looking for another.


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