Practice Hands and Fingers Review


Practice hands and fingers are great for learning acrylic/gel application, and experimenting with Nail Art designs. Suzie compares 4 popular practice fingers and hands.

Products featured in this video:

Plastic Practice Finger (long nail)

Plastic Practice Finger (short nail – can use tips as well)

Pair of Plastic Fingers

Flexible Practice Hand

Diane Practice Hand

Red Iguana Silicone Practice Hand

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  1. Super review! Human like silicone hands, you can get one as cheap as $52.00 on AliExpress, realistic looking too! they have all those nail practice hands, fingers on AliExpress so cheap. I'd put a piece of scotch tape around the form on the hand it won't stick to.

  2. Suzie, I just started doing my nails as a hobby and of course, I have went overboard., LOL. I have just ordered the middle hand because I would love to learn how to do acrylic. I know you showed the form, but could I use nail tips???

  3. I'm getting a arcylic nail set getting tge little fake fingers to practice on so watching this video was helpful knowing u can put arcylic on them good way for me to practice hopes that will also help with my aniexty just came across your videos today

  4. Suzie!!!! I love you so much and want to see if you heard of “jelly nails” or “translucent nails”. I saw a woman on my cruise with green see through nails that looked like colored plastic wrap! I want to see how you could do it and how you can make it look so shiny and see through!!!! I love your videos btw, your videos really help my anxiety and keep me calm and you’re such an amazing down to earth person!

  5. Hey Suzie! I need your advice. I am a self-taught nail tech. Learned most from your videos. I am making mine, my sisters and my friends nails for a year now. I took my gel nails off last time and my 4 nails are green/yellow. They don't look healthy…at all. This is the 2nd or 3rd time happening to me but this is the most severe. It never happened to my sister or any of my friends but me. Is it about severe heat spikes or nonstop having nail extensions for 2 months or what??? I can't understand! PLS help me!! 🙁 :((

  6. I absolutely love your video’s, they’re so helpful! But I was wondering if you could make a video where you explain how a nail drill works and what the different heads are for? Like, what head is best for acrylic or what head is best for very thin nails.. If you already made that video or something close to it, I apologize. I’ll keep looking for it then. Keep up the perfect quality content!❣️

  7. Thankyou suzie I only started watching you like a week ago but I have learned a lot watching each video I’m a kid and I wanna be a nail artist as soon as I watch the first video that I saw of you

  8. Have you ever heard of Supernail LED/UV Hard Gels Starter Kit
    Super Nail I was one during if you can try this to see if it a good or not? Because I'm thinking of buying it. If you don't mined trying this kit it would be great!!!

  9. The Diane ones. Ummm my nails are exactly like that. I have a naturally long nail-bed. Most girls envy me for it xD I'm a guy so I dont do much anything with them. Besides daily moisturizer since my hands get dry when I work with water.


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