Prevent the Greenies! How to Fix Bubble/Pocket Lifts


Suzie demonstrates how to prevent ‘The Greenies’ on your Nail Plate, and discusses what to look for, how a bubble lift or pocket lift can lead to a Pseudomonas infection and what to do if you get ‘The Greenies’.
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  1. I have a BIG problem with greenies. I got one on pretty much every finger a while back. I prep I prime, I apply the acrylic correctly–make sure the sidewalls and cuticles are not flooded but they ALWAYS lift. Even with polygel. I've been watching some videos that suggest acid primer may be the solution but I'm not sure which kind to get.

  2. "That's it! That's the culprit!"

    I've been watching your videos for a very long time, and for some reason, this video just had so much… conviction and passion behind it! I absolutely love it and I'm glad to know what to do in this situation, greenies are NO JOKE! Keep up the good work you two, I appreciate everything you do for the nail AND YouTube community. I can tell that you enjoy it and love us! It has not gone unnoticed!!! ❤❤❤

  3. I bent my gel nail backwards and bruised my nail bed. A few days later the gel nail popped off and took a good thick layer of my natural nail from the point where it bent to the fray edge.
    I want to leave it alone, until the bruised area grows out, but the damaged nail is so thin and fragile I want to protect it somehow. Would a layer of transparent base coat gel be ok? Or even just colourless nail polish?

  4. I have a question about the nail drill: How good is the torque? Is it strong enough to shape acrylic nails and take down product on multiple clients a day? The only thing that’s “eh” about Max’s site is there are no reviews. I want to make sure to invest in a good drill.
    Thanking in advance!

  5. You are a great instructor and your guidelines are always an inspiration for us. I am also a beautician and having a youtube channel as well and I get much assistance regarding manicure from your tips. Hats off to you.

  6. Hi Suzie! Have a quick question if it's not too much trouble. I've been doing my own nails for some years now, and the biggest problem I face is tanning my fingers! I've heard solutions like fingerless gloves, or applying sunscreen before "nuking" as you put it, but neither of those seem to really work for me. Do you have any advice? Thanks, and really just thanks for being here on Youtube <3

  7. I had a tech I went to ( not my usual ) and she tried to leave allll my lifted acrylic on my nail and tried to just put product on it. I look at her and was like whaaaat are you doing??? She was really confused and just looked at me. I told her she needs to remove the lifted product so I don’t get fungus or an infection. I was stunned a “ professional “ had to be told that.

  8. Thank you, this helped me understand what happened a couple of years ago to one of my nails, I had a bubble that was yellow/green, my nail tech took it off then reapplied, she told me sometimes it happens, I didn't know about it being so yukky, because it happened between visits and i had a dep red color on my nails and we didn't see it until she took the colour off to apply the infill. and yes I hurt my finger/nail a week before we found it.


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