Quick & Simple 60’s Makeup Tutorial


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After doing Madeline’s foundation, I did a quick look on her. I chose to do a clean and simple 60’s eye – inspired by her amazing eyes – a fun look that’s not too tricky to pull off. The eye shadow is pretty simple, although the lashes take a bit of practice. If you don’t want to wear the fake lashes underneath, then just pile on the mascara – or for more help applying individual and strip lashes see my video (www.lisae.me/1961). You can see how, by drawing attention to her gorgeous eyes, it also helps to detract attention away from her skin problems. Of course you don’t have to follow a 60s theme, but I thought this was a really fun look for her.

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  1. I'm asian and my double eyelid is quite small so I can't really make this sixties eye makeup ( and the space between my eyes and my brows is really narrow. A very great tutorial as always tho )

  2. i really love this look..with the lower lashes it says twiggy but without them i could easily be an Edie Sedgwick look or with a little more shadow and winged eyeliner it can easily be a Barbara Streisand look i love this 60's look tho thanks!!

  3. Guys, this makeup look isnt just Twiggy. Edie Sedgwick did this makeup look. So have many other 60's models. Everyone is always focusing on Twiggy. But what about the others? Its not fair for them to not be recongized even thought they've been doing the same thing probably started before Twiggy did it. Also, Edie Sedgwick was born before Twiggy. So I'm sure she started doing that makeup look before Twiggy.
    Edie was born in 1943 while Twiggy was born in 1949.


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