Quick Tips for Perfect Foundation


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As part of my #foundationcourse series, this video features seven quick tips for flawless foundation. A bit of a re-cap over some of the things covered so far in the series. Hope it’s helpful X

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  1. Here's a tip for older women with oily/combination skin and I got this from watching a LOT of Lisa's videos because she is amazing with the why and how. If you don't need a lot of coverage in all areas, use a tinted moisturizer, but this IS the moisturizer for the entire face. DON'T double up on it or it'll be like a slick. Tarte clay is my favorite and use a translucent setting powder lightly only in your T-zone. Also, something I've figured out on my own is I put the tinted moisturizer in my under eye area as well. After it sets, I then only put a tiny amount of concealer (almost matches my skin tone) from inner nose by eye to just almost to the middle under eye and I dab dab dab with a finger then use a very light flat small concealing brush to make sure it is blended evenly. I look up and gently pull down to make sure no concealer is sitting in fine lines. Gentle sweep. I then set this with a few grains of undereye concealer, but so little with again, a flat brush.
    The more you put on aged skin, the older it looks. Go light, especially under eye. Even when Lisa goes heavier under her eye, she has beautiful under eye area, barely any creases or wrinkles and she's in great light. This isn't the average woman.
    Sorry so long, but finding out that this worked for me changed my life. I don't use foundation anymore and my skin has never looked better because it absolutely looks natural. I also definitely do her minimal blush routine, but I am naturally pale and work with it.

  2. It is very difficult to get samples from where I am from so when Kaselan Patharan came onto the local scene (20 years ago) and gave out samples in little tiny bottles, I was thrilled. They even had samples for lipsticks and powders. Lovely lovely company. Too bad they are no longer available in my country. _;;;

  3. Regarding finding the right colour, I would really love if we could get similar colour codes, so a no 2 is the same nuance all over. That would really help a lot! Because if you know you use one nuance, fx no 2 in the Lancôme foundations, then you automatically would be using that same number in all the other brands.


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