Repairing A Lifted Acrylic Nail – Step By Step Tutorial


While renovating her new nail studio, Suzie damaged her acrylic thumbnail. In this in-depth tutorial she demonstrates how to repair the lifted nail and make it beautiful again.

0:41 The Lifted Nail
1:20 Remove Any Lifted Acrylic
1:40 Tip: Taking Out A ‘Bubble’ in Acrylic Nail
2:06 Using the Drill To Remove Bad Acrylic
5:25 Filing Natural Nail with Drill
7:11 Building the New Nail
10:44 Shaping the new Sculpted Nail with Drill
11:30 Finding the Shape with Hand File
12:57 Polish Application for Finished Look

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  1. I have watched your skill with acrylic nails and I am thinking that they would be perfect for me. 2 of my nails have deep ridges in them and don't grow properly. Would the liquid acrylic nail product you use be suitable for me?

  2. This is interesting to watch. Every nail salon I have gone to since I was young has ripped off the old nails using a nail tip or nail clipper. I used to wonder why my nails are so thin and how to get them stronger now I know. It's sad but it seems like ripping off the nail seems to be the standard and local shops. Now that I know better I will do better

  3. I don't have the tools, just started doing my own nails with dipping powder. I think I'd just soak it off and start over. I would probably really mess up my own nail. I am addicted to your videos.

  4. beautiful art but I don’t find this nail technique healthy .. these nails need oxygen ! .. they all damage and lost vitamins .. i am lucky i don’t like these kind of nail things .. i am happy with my own naked nails ..

  5. Nails are my passion but unfortunately I'm unable to attend school so u have been my in home nail technician teacher .my art has improved extremely since I started watching your videos . thank you so much.

  6. Hi Suzie
    I would love to know the powder colors from (out the door) (inm), cuz I bought light pink and pristine pink , do I also need cover pink bc I hear you say cover pink but they're out of stock for the cover pink and the dark pink
    Amd the second color

  7. Suzie you doll! The music in this video is the same music as a Canadian gaming YouTuber I watch, and it’s so cool! Of course loved the video too ^_^ you’re the best in the business!


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