Reverse French Acrylic Nail


The Reverse French Acrylic Nail is one of the most difficult to design. Suzie uses a new technique that is easier to learn and master in this in-depth, step by step tutorial.

0:23 Prep Nails
0:27 Using ‘safety bit’ on drill to prep the nail
1:15 Apply Dehydrator
1:38 Apply Primer
2:26 Form
4:18 Product
5:56 Magnetic Colored Acrylic Powder: Sparkling Nude Pink
6:16 Lay down nail plate
8:53 Shape the nail smile line with file
10:23 Lay in White Bead
13:00 File with drill
14:30 French is coming along nicely
14:49 Hand file to shape sides
15:58 ‘Safety bit’ for cuticle
16:35 Thin and shape up the nail with carbide bit
17:36 Buff nail with hand file
18:08 Apply Oil
18:45 Finished Nails Reveal Photo’s

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  1. I just love you ,Susie !!! I have lern so many thincks about nails!!! Sorry for my enghlis. I am from Romania. I just whant you to know the fact that i lern to do acrylic nails with you. kisis and hugs with love !!!


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