Seashell Ombré Glitter Nail


Suzie uses Gel Polish, Gel Top Coat and Glitter to create a simple, yet gorgeous Seashell Ombré Glitter Nail.

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‘Shake Your Palm Palm' Soak Off Gel Polish
by Kiara Sky

Dual Cure LED Light
by O•P•I

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06:43 Skybar by PALA
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  1. Have you heard of dipping your nails in acrylic powder after applying a gel coat for strength? Does this work? I want to do an overlay to protect my nails and grow them out. Right now they are soft and peeling.

  2. Hi everone ! I wanna ask u and Suzie of course if possible do u know about some good sturtup set for GEL nails with lamp and everything ? in my country is actually mabe one or 2 websites where i can choose from or use aliexpres or so .. And i dont know i kinda dont want to spent a lot of money because i never did that technuiqe and i think everything i need should be in the startup set and im not exactly sure what to choose

  3. Hi only discovered you a few weeks ago I am in the UK and my nails are really brittle because of my health problems. I have decided to learn how to do my own nails through an online course so I can cheer myself up. Thanks for the lessons

  4. Hey Suzie!
    I have a question- if I have contact dermatitis when getting acrylic nails, does it mean that I will have it with gel nails as well?
    I have tried polygels and find that I break out the same way I do with acrylics…
    Dip powder nails seem to be the only answer at this time, but I would love to try gel nails if that’s another solution! Any insight? Thanks!! Love your videos!

  5. I found your channel randomly and watched a few videos then went online and bought a starter kit so I can finally get into something cuz all my mates have something they do out of school like music and horse riding and I didn't have anything I could really get into I'm just waiting for a few more bits to come and hopefully Ive watched enough videos that I can do my nails and a few of my families before we go on holiday

  6. I love watching your videos. I did attempt this look but I just couldn't get the lines to look neat and it went all wrong. Do you have any extra tips as I did use a clean brush like you did? Also do you cap?

  7. Question: My nails are so flat! Little to no C-curve. They are also thin, so as a result they have little to no strength. They don't only break, they tear deep down into the quick and bend backwards. I have ordered some polygel and dual forms and plan to do an overlay but have little to no idea how to pinch a c curve into them while using a form. Can you help me?

  8. I LOVE these! I really need to practice the short almond shape lol. When I start doing my nails I swear LUHQUITA comes out and I have super long nails that look good but aren’t practical for my office job LOL

  9. Really pretty. I'd like to know how you keep your natural nails so healthy. Mine are so thin and I'm scared to add any enhancement as i feel tehy buffing my nails away in doing the prep

  10. My natural nails are super weak and thin. I have lupus and am on about 20 medications including a chemo one called methotrexate. I have had acrylics for years but after getting a nail fungus that my body couldn't fight I gave that up. I have tried press on nails but even doing the full prep they won't stay on. I tried the hybrid gel and dual forms but my nails are so damaged and short I can't seem to get the structure right and they break right where my natural nail ends. I have watched you talk about structure and the video with your friend where some of her's broke. Can you help me with this? My nails are embarrassing and with weight gain from 5 years on steroids and all the lupus crap having pretty nails just helped me feel more pulled together and confident. I don't have anyone I trust to actually do my nails and I can't afford the really good spas right now.

  11. Hi just a question on dipping powder polish when i remove it with acetone my fingertips are so painful after they are look like they have been burnt by the acetone, how can I protect my fingertips from this not happening again TIA


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