Sexiest Womens Perfumes/Fragrances!!


Here is a list of five sexiest women perfumes/fragrances to my nose! Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. I bought viva la juicy gold and I actually almost vomited from the headache is gave me! My neck became sore and I had to lay down!! Like the headache literally went down to my neck muscles… weird! So dizzy! And I always wear purfume! I think it smells cheap and nasty! Im throwing it out.

  2. Nice choices, Angel and VLJ are mainstays in my rotation. I'd been wanting to try Black Opium on my skin for some time now, but it seems that every other woman I run into wears it and I prefer to stand out a bit more (most in my area don't wear Angel) although I still love VLJ anyway. My fiance loves it but his favorite on me is Obsession. VLJ gold is on my bucket list.. but it's so hard for me to find it anywhere for a reasonable price that isn't sold out.

  3. I agree with black opium I bought my girl 2 bottles she loves it. but ron marone for woman the bottle with the red leather around it that looks like carrolina herrera bottle smells amzing hard to find tho. black sugar from aqualina , ellen tracy smells amazing only like 12 bucks, vanilla feilds, jimmy choo illicit, dolce and gabbana intense amazing marshmallow smell towards the dry down check these one out I named. although I havent worn them my girl owns them because I bought them foe her and she loves all of them and so do I..


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