SKINCARE ROUTINE 2018 | glowy & smooth


sorry I didn’t post last week, hope u enjoyed this though! I thought I would come back with a video that has been super requested, so here you go!! If u liked it and want to see more of my videos, subscribe!

products used:
– garnier micellar water
– dermalogica clearing skin wash
– glossier solution
– quick fix facials black peel mask
– dermalogica clay cleanser
– epaderm junior cream
– Mario Badescu drying lotion

social medias:
instagram – @yazonline
snapchat – yazonline
twitter – @yazonlinex

– I live in the uk, london
– I use the canon Eos 700d camera
– I use Final Cut Pro X editing software
– I am 16
– My birthday is 3rd November 2002
– My full name is Yasmin Caramanli



  1. for anyone struggling w spots i highly recommend curology! also yaz i would tone after the mask because toner is meant to close pores and even everything out one last time before moisturizer! luv u tho


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