Steam Punk Nail Art – Stamping and Calligraphy Pen


Suzie takes Nail Polish Stamping up a notch by adding colour with paint and a calligraphy pen, creating a pseudo Steam Punk Look.

0:30 Suzie chooses an Abstract Stamp Design
0:56 The Polish to use for stamping
1:25 Scraper and Stamper are at the ready
1:57 Paint Polish onto Stamping Plate
2:16 Scrape off the Stamping Plate
2:19 Pick up Polish onto the Stamper
2:28 Press polish design onto the Nail
6:10 Clean Up Cuticles
6:25 Painting Gold Highlights with Calligraphy Pen
8:33 Painting in Off-White Highlights
9:13 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s

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  1. Makes me sad watching you using the old konad stamper & having to press so hard to pick up the design & lay it back down. So grateful they've made advances in stamping tools that make this soo much easier like clear stampers.

  2. I have to have this done next time I have a new set!!! Just gorgeous. Always looking for new ideas. Def want my nails to be different than the normal basic look. Ty for the ideas.♥️

  3. What you could do is just put the color underneath so you don't have to color in
    Also you might want to get an XL clear stamper they let you see where you are putting the design
    Whatever you do don't put acetone on it to clean it though it will make the stamper cloudy
    clean by using a lint roller or just regular tape

  4. I know this is an old video but did you know that if you leave the design on the stamper and colour it in then put a top coat on it, you can then use it like a decal and stuck it on your nail as flipping it doesn't show where you went over the lines. Xxxx

  5. To keep polish off the area surrounding my nails, I take some Elmer's Glue, add a little water, mix well, and paint it on. It works just as well and is much cheaper than the peel-off skin protector products.

  6. a friend gave me all her stamping tools because she couldn't figure it out at all so after 35 tries, 5 different polishes and a huge mess I figured it out she was kinda jealous amd surprised that I was able to make it work but I used black polish and it was EVERYWHERE it looked like my husband's hands after he's done working on a car. I used regular nail polish. learned that it'll work as ling as it's a polish that's ao pigmented that one coat will do


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