Summer Easy Glowy Bronze ‘n’ Kohl Makeup Look


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A laid back look for summer evenings with the focus on natural glowing skin and a simple kohl eye. Great for when you don’t want to look too try-hard and haven’t got a lot of time. Quick, easy make-up which looks great in that early evening summer sunset light.

Lisa Eldridge X

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  1. Lisa I just wanted to tell you: You are truly fashionable, amazing talented makeup artist. All your makeup look don't look like the same Instagram bloggers trans makeup! Thanks for sharing your skills!

  2. U look absolutely stunning and sexy, it’s the first time that I realize that u can actually leave ur eyebrows like that haha, I always feel the need to fill them up and always ended up looking too much. Thx

  3. A makeup vid for a not-try-hard look that is actually not-try-hard… I never know that smudging eyeliner with your finger look (which I would do if I am too lazy to care) would look soo modern… Thank you Lisa for your guidance!

  4. @rain0140 I know I'm not Lisa, but these tips may help you: to start, try using some eyeshadow primer (one you'd use for your lids) below your lower lash line. Use a long-wearing eyeliner and a waterproof mascara under your eyes. Also, try setting the eyeliner on the lower lash line with a powder eyeshadow. I can't promise that your makeup won't smudge under the eyes, but it should smudge quite a bit less 🙂

  5. Lisa, for some reason whenever I put eyeliner or mascara on my lower lashes, it ALWAYS smudges way too much by the end of the day!! I end up looking like I haven't slept in weeks! Any tips? p.s. i love your videos, they have really inspired me to experiment more with makeup and try new things!!

  6. Absolutely love this look. Your videos are very informative and helpful to me, I even made a playlist of my favorite films of yours to share with my friends.
    I was wondering, in this video your hair has the wet look. Did you put some product in it to style it this way or is it simply wet from water? I would like to recreate your entire look, I would love to know how you styled your hair. Thanks a lot for all your videos!


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