Suzie Introduces and Unboxes Her Professional Acrylic Starter Kit


My Professional Acrylic Starter Kit has sold out – thank you to all who purchased it. I am currently working on my Professional Acrylic Starter Kit 2. I’ll announce with a new video when my new Kit is available.

Included in my 1st kit was a sample of Living Bloom’s hand crafted hair oils. Check out their website:

Have Fun!
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  1. I just found this video, I love watching your channel! I'm a newly licenced nail tech and your techniques always work for me. When will you have more kits available ? I could love to get my hands on this !!

  2. Hi Suzie, ive would love one of you training kits as im unfortunately unable to come to your course could u please tell me when u are releasing another one? Many thanks

  3. I have put comments and sent messages, is there going to be a restock?? It's been well over a year. About to lose a sub. Not that it matters….you already got your button plaque. I still haven't seen any videos of you using the kit, nor is the website working……

  4. The video has a message above it stating that you are all sold out of this professional starter kit you put together. Do you know if you will be making more of these? If so, when will they be available again? How much are they? Lastly, is there a specific store/website you buy your products from? Thanks for your response, in advance.

  5. Hi im new to doing nails just got my frist practice fringers i am trying to see how to get ur kit on my phone wont let me get to it i love love your work ive learned alot by watching you i already know a few things i was doing wrong can u help me get to your kit please thank you an god bless oh tell grant hi and ur camera ma hi an thanks for doing such a good job.

  6. I purchased this kit and she is right it that monomer is it smells so good. The product is so easy and wonderful to work with as opposed to less expensive brands that is the one thing I have to say is it is very expensive. But I loved Mike it I love working with it and the smell even when you go to file to put a fill-in you can sit that smell is just fabulous

  7. ok maybe i am super dumb but where can I buy the kit? I click on the link but I couldn't find it. Help please,or if somebody can tell me where to but a kit i'm tired of looking for one


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