Suzie Reacts to Her 1st Video – 2 Million Subscribers Thank You!!


Suzie and Cameraman react to their very 1st YouTube video, and share how and why they started a YouTube channel.
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  1. Im so proud of you guys!! I haven’t been a follower from the beginning but i HAVE seen all of your videos! They are so wonderful to watch, and so much of it is easy to learn teaching from you! Thank you!

  2. I just watched this video. I'm one of your 2M.

    Would you PLEASE do some great, high level, super creative, fun polish for those of us who deal with natural nails & polish only. I think there is more of uS than you think. I watch what you do & then translate it into natural nails & polish BUT I'd love really creative, new, refreshing ideas in polish. Thanks so much .

  3. What I love most about this video. The part were you speak about how you and cameraman work together now. You see the love shine of your face, still after all these years. It's something rare these days. Hope keep looking for a long time at you teamwork. X

  4. I love your videos! I started doing my own nails about 5 years ago now and then I ran across your videos and you helped me learn to do acrylic nails! I currently use dip just coz it's easier but I still love watching your vids! Cant believe it's been that long! Wow! Keep up the great work! Cant wait to see your next video!

  5. Congratulations to you and Camera Man! Your videos are alway so beautifully done and your nails are just gorgeous! I don’t have acrylics or even wear nail polish half the time, but do try to take care of my fragile, natural nails. So, that’s just a validation for you on how good your channel is! If you’re ever out of ideas, I’d love to see a video on how to repair broken natural nails, or repair peeling nails that are too short to cut or any education or tips (excuse the pun, lol) as to why one’s nails grow wonky or warped at the free edge (bent down on one side), or how to strengthen or thicken natural nails – if that’s even possible. I have thyroid problems and think there’s a correlation. Anyway, I’m very happy for you and wish you much continued success! You’re such a sweet heart.

  6. Congratulations Suzie and Camerman on 2 Mil! I've been following you for a year and love your videos. I know everyone tells you your voice is soothing and it's true. I feel relaxed and inspired after watching you. So much appreciate that you sharing so freely your knowledge and advice. I'm a +60 who has been doing my own nails for 45 years. I have tried every type of enhancement that has come out from acrylics to hybrid gels and usually end up back with just my natural nails. I used professionals and tried DYI with my nail techs encouragement. Would love to see you do a video working on someone my age that doesn't have perfect nails (ridges, crooked growth, etc)! Looking forward to your new products too!

  7. Suzie, you are hands down my FAVORITE nail channel on YouTube. Between your voice, style of teaching, style of videos, and Cameraman’s editing (I live for the music he adds to your videos), you two run a fantastic channel.

    I also appreciate that you are accommodating to us non-professional nail people and nail techs. There are many nail techs on YouTube that always say things like “nothing replaces getting your nails professionally done,” and they very rarely use products that are for DIY-ers. It’s like most nail techs on YouTube turn up their nose to people who are self taught and prefer to do their nail them selves. So thank you for always being so welcoming to everyone.

  8. Congratulations! I love your videos and techniques.
    I'd love to see a walk through video of your salon and work station, since you said you're not quite as organized as you are on camera. 😉


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