Suzie Responds to Jenna Marbles’ Acrylic Technique


Jenna Marbles decided to give Acrylic Nails a try, and made a video of her DIY adventure! She gave a shout out to Suzie, and Suzie couldn’t wait to respond with a critique of Jenna’s Acrylic Technique.

If you haven’t seen Jenna’s hilarious video, check it out:


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  1. Suzie this was such an incredibly sweet response!! I adore you and your channel so much and I'm trying not to fangirl that you made this. Not to mention its actually like genuinely helpful too?? which is like… how. How did you do that lol. You are just so great, thanks for making some of my favorite videos on the internet and for being so damn delightful.

  2. Suzie I just found you searching videos trying to learn about glue on nails. Omg your a gem! Such a sweet heart, I feel your warmth and genuinely kind heart! Keep making inspiring videos! Blessings to you and yours

  3. I really don’t care about nails and I’m only a girl but dam this women is the best! She seems like she had an amazing personality and she’s so calm and sweet! Her education is really useful to people who love long nails!

  4. Jenna did great for her first time! I also currently am wearing my first ever set and it took me a couple days of filing and filling in spots but I finally got it Haha thanks to suzie! Your videos really are gold and I'm so happy I came across your channel


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