Suzie Tests Mixing Chalk With Acrylic Powder. Is It Safe? 🤔 Chemist Reacts


Is it safe to Mix Chalk with Acrylic Powder? It can be beautiful, but is it worth it, will they break? I get the facts from the Head Chemist of Light Elegance: Jim McConnell, and also test building a set of Chalk with Acrylic Nails myself to see how it performs.

Thank you to my Guest Jim McConnell: Co-Founder and Head Chemist of Light Elegance
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Video Chapters:
00:01 Intro
00:38 Is it Safe? Chemist Explains
04:48 Suzie Mixes Chalk With Acrylic Powder
07:03 Prep
07:47 Chalk/Acrylic Application
17:12 Top Coat
19:36 Reveal Photos and Lab Test Results



  1. @NailCareerEducation: I've seen several people use their drill/bit in one hand while holding the chalk in the other to sand what they need off into the acrylic powder, thereby mixing colors more easily as well. Further, you don't have to use the mortar and pestle method because it really is a lot more work and mess! While some people use their efiles right in the acrylic/chalk to mix, there are mini mixers you can use that are battery operated to further mix the acrylic powder and chalk together (kind of like a mini coffee or spice grinder). See Amazon and search for something like "tobacco herb grinder." You can get one that looks a bit like a regular small aluminum flashlight with a small screw-on container where you can then dedicate the device to just mixing chalk/acrylic right at your nail desk. Aliexpress has them too but you'll likely wait a while for it. Happy mixing!

  2. Use a tobacco grinder … like a charm for me allowing it to be a fine powder. I use 1 part chalk to two parts clear acrylic powder ..for a more opaque colour use a bit this of white

  3. Hey Suzie, can you do a video on just the traditional french technique sometime? I love your videos about the reverse method and I think I've mastered it, but I'd like to master the traditional method too. Noticed you did it in this video so thought I'd ask. Hope you're staying safe in Canada! xo

  4. Hi Suzie, I have a question, can you use regular acrylic like a dipping powder? I'm just wondering, because I have cerebral palsy on my right side, I have to polish my left hand by putting the lid of the polish between my teeth and polish that way, and since I can't get in to my nail tech here in Ontario at the moment, I've been looking at dipping powder, because I'm not sure I could do acrylic with the brush between my teeth.


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