Suzie Tries to Copy Flower Technique From Another Artist🤔


Find a nail design you like, should be easy to do, right? Not as easy as you might hope! This is art and even though I’m learning from the original artist, it still takes practice! Watch me learn.

Suzie’s Guest is Natasha Harton. You can follow her:

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Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video!
00.01 Meridian Voyage by Martin Felix Kaczmarski ✫
01.03 Fugue State by Maiwan ◦
03.51 Feel Good by André Aguado ◦
06.23 Always Me by Maiwan ◦
11.20 Tsunami by Jones Meadow ◦
16.35 Always Me by Maiwan ◦
22.28 Fugue State by Maiwan ◦
24.13 Night Time Stories by Per Ljungqvist | George Nakas ✫
26.01 Fugue State by Maiwan ◦
26.46 Meridian Voyage by Martin Felix Kaczmarski ✫

◦ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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  1. Natasha is so sweet, patient, talented, and adorable!! I love her personality and braces too.
    Suzie, thank you for inviting her to your channel for a fun class!!!

  2. I've been having this on my mind for a while now and I have to ask. You used to be the #1 promoter of the brands and companies that sell their products freely, to everyone. You've been promoting Ugly Duckling a lot lately. Did you change your mind? Is it Ugly Duckling maybe going to start opening for DIYers? I mean… it's pandemic and most nail salons are closed. Does this company even making enough sales to survive? Would companies like Ugly Duckling prefer to take losses rather than selling to everyone? I'm a lawyer and entrepreneur, for example, and I don't have a license and not much time to get one, but I would like to have access to good quality products, rather than all these suspiciously formulated Chinese products that you find everywhere.


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