Suzie’s 5 Day Nail Workshop


I am very excited to offer you the opportunity to join me in my International 5 Day Nail Workshop. This in-depth Workshop will introduce you to the techniques you’ll need to start your own Nail Career. From day one we will be learning all of the techniques HANDS ON 🙂 It’s the best way to learn. I will be teaching this workshop myself, personally guiding you and observing your technique, so I can give you one-on-one instruction and you can ask me any question.

If you are interested in joining me in my Nail Workshop use the link below to apply:

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  1. Hello and gr8 afternoon. I live in NYC and am willing to pay the fee and go to Canada to learn… I feel very happy about this present journey and am encouraged and will encourage others to do the same…

  2. Hi Suzie, I live in Australia and watch all your videos, you have tought me so much as a nail tech. Would love to meet you one day. Your videos are so easy to follow and I love the way you try new things in front of the camera. Keep those great videos coming xx

  3. I would love to just meet you Suzie your everything I want in a nail technical I love you and all of your work say hello to everyone for me I wish I could be there to learn how to do nails and to hang out with you and maybe one day work with you and be friends with you and camera man and Grant

  4. hi Suzi …I'm from Pakistan but living & working in Malta as beauty therapist & Massure in a 5 star Spa. I'm a big fan of you.
    your style of work & colour combination or styles & designs r just awesome. I studied simple mani padi but keen to study more.
    I'm wondering if I can join you academy for Acrylic, gel & nail art.from where I can get more information, please .
    thanks & waiting for your reply.

  5. Hi my name is Jenni and I live in Harrisdale Western Australia Im a nail tech and love Suzie's nail videos, I'm hoping one day to come over and meet her and even do a workshop Thank you Suzie Cheers from the land down under my home salon is called Urban Glitz Nails I have a FB page Happy nails everyone 🙂

  6. Suzie! (I do not speak English, so I hope the translator writes well …) I love your videos, I learned to sculpt with your help, even before doing the acrylic course. I hope that you will ever travel to Argentina and dictate a master class or do a distance seminar of what you teach with such passion! Thank you! Paolo Porta

  7. This is amazing. I'm hoping I can come up with the money in time. This would be wonderful for me and many others I'm sure. I have watched so many of your videos. It's wonderful that you have given us this opportunity. Hope to see you in October.

  8. Suzie can u help me. ..I would like to try a poly gel but I found out the hard way I'm allergic to mma…would or could u recommend a poly gel that's mma free…


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