Suzie's E-File PROTIPS


Suzie shares her PROTIPS for how to change the shape of your Nail Extension to three different shapes using an E-File which anyone can purchase.

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Video Timestamps:
00:49 Unboxing Scarlet E-File
05:29 Almond to Coffin
10:48 Almond to Round
12:06 Almond to Square
17:56 Beginner E-File Tips
25:13 Reveal Photos
25:39 Ask Suzie Q&A

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  1. Thank u so much suzie I so love ur videos and have helped me so much with getting better with acrylic nails I'm still a beginner and work on my own nails and now for seeing the duster drill bit and bought one and cant wait to start using it

  2. Hi, I want to start doing my own nails and eventually going to school to become a nail tech. Which e file and bits do you recomend for a beginner on a bit of a budget? I would like not to spend too much but would rather spend a bit more if it means getting an e file that's better suited to my needs.

  3. I just received this exact efile based on your recommendation. It’s a lovely file. It’s extremely quiet and not wobbly at all. I love it. Thank you for reviewing it. Cleared up a lot of confusion for me

  4. Hey Suzie!
    Really great video on e-filing, thank you very much!

    I have a question about buying new drill bits:
    Do I have to buy drill bits of the same brand/company of the nail drill I own or do all drill bits fit in every nail drill?

    Best wishes

  5. I have had a efile for awhile, but was too fast off the bat. Just got this one after watching this video. Excited to use it for my next fill. I do my own gel nails and learn so much more from watching your videos! I wish I could attend one of your classes. Stay awesome!! Looking forward to your next video

  6. OMG OMG THANK YOU SO SO MYCH FOR THIS VIDEO!! I have been struggling for almost 3 years of trying to teach myself how to shape nails. Coffin shape had been the culprit of my insanity when it comes to shaping. I couldn’t figure out how to get it tapered enough with out losing the c curve. Until today when u said ONE SIMPLE SENTENCE. You said “ remember if you just file the thickness on the sides you will get a stronger coffin shape”. THAT WAS THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS. I have even gotten a little insecure about my work. But Susie? You made it all come together for me. I did my own nails a full set sculpted gels and it is by far hands down the best set I’ve ever done. The saga is us exactly the same in each nail they look amazing. Thank you so much I love you and I just want you to know that out of hundreds of nail artists and educators on YouTube and after watching THOUSANDS of hours or videos on shaping your one simple statement was a game changer for me and I’m so grateful for you. Love you thank you.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing! I have a question. When changing the shape, especially to the round shape, did it also change the I think it’s called the lower arch? Or is it still nice and straight?

  8. Sorry this question isn’t about eFile. I bought some Swarovski petite gems. And they keep falling off my nails. I’ve tried hard builder gel, gel top coat and nail glue. I love the way the gems look. But I can’t seem to keep them on my nail. Thank you.

  9. Suzie , I am a big fan of your's and I love your videos. I have a quick question. I do nails at home for friends and family. I do pedicures too. My question is what's the best way sterilize my foot tubs and tools? I been using bleach and alcohol. But I have damaged one of my tubs. Thanks , Julie

  10. 3:40

    Suzie: I don't read instructions.
    Also Suzie: grabs instructions

    Hey Suzie! I like your videos a lot, it would be nice if you made a natural nail growth video for us who don't get nail enhancements.


  11. Suzie, I recently just had my nails filled and the nail tech applied acrylic under the nail after filling the top. Now my nails feel funny and thick against my skin. Is that common practice?

  12. Can you please show us some cute back to school nails? I’m a first grade teacher, and I’ve seen several designs, but my little ones don’t know what chalkboards or college rule paper is.

  13. Really appreciate the Q&A at the end. As far as I know, it's unique to your channel. I also enjoy cameras sorta interview questions to help with anything you may not have mentioned or touched. Great team work. Thank you so much for all that you both do to bring us your experience, tips, and education. ❤


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