Suzie’s Haul – Nail Products from Vegas!


Suzie’s shows us all the fantastic new Nail Products she picked up at the Las Vegas International Beauty Show and Cosmoprof Show in Las Vegas!


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  1. Hi! I can’t find a single person in my area that does forms. So I used to do nails when I was like 14. But never forms. But you inspired me to start getting the equipment and learn to do it myself!!

  2. HI there Suzie, i have been following you for awhile now and i have come to now doing my nail technician course online, i really look up to you and love all the amazing work you do , i really need help starting of to be able to practice where am i able to purchase and pursue my dreams 🙂

  3. Hi suzie, I know I'm late to the party but can you let me know where the decal stickers, on the long sheets, are from? I am trying to find a lot of the stuff you have posted in the bid but the decals are my favorite to put on my nails.


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