Suzie’s New Nail Studio – The Reno Begins


Suzie’s new nail studio location teardown is complete, and now the renovations begin! Suzie shares some important differences between DIY reno’s vs hiring professional tradesmen.

0:15 Suzie’s Vault
0:36 Bathroom needs work!
0:51 T-Bar ceiling is down
0:58 Drywalling
1:34 Remove a telephone and data jack

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  1. Hi Suzi!! I've been watching you for years. I started my interest with nails giving my G-ma manicures she was disabled so it cheered her up. I've been doing my nails for a while with your tips and ive bought a super major haul for my birthday and wondered if you could give tips on hygenic storage and organization. I want to be a nail tech and eventually have a salon.

  2. A vault hehe hide all your secrets in there!! Hey it could make a great storm shelter or safe room.. never know these days!! I've been hooked on your videos.. after seeing so many people ask if you have a shop I reply watch her videos on it.. then though hey I should watch them too!! If I'm ever nearby I'm coming in to get mine done.. I'll definitely make an appointment! ! Sadly Sadly I'm way down in FLORIDA USA.. but family in Michigan. . Only places in Canada I've been so far is Niagara Falls and Toronto. . Last tine 2009.. brought my in laws too..

  3. You are amazing and an inspiration because i want to be a nail tech too! Keep dog g what you are doing Suzie you are amazing! I hope to be like you one sys and come to your nail salon!


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