Suzie’s New Salon – Nail District Tour


Suzie has completed the renovation of her new salon, and takes us on a tour.

0:13 Salon Location: Langford, Victoria British Columbia, Canada
0:17 Nail District nailcare ltd.
0:21 Salon Entrance, and Reception Desk
0:29 Chandelier
0:36 Reception Desk
1:03 Curtain Room Divider
1:19 Product Display for the Clients
1:56 Nail Career Education Center
2:36 Nail Salon Products
2:48 Powder Room
3:19 Nail District Signing Wall

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do a video of your place 🙂 CONGRATS on your success and being able to buy and get your shop. I hope its everything you want it to be and more. Also wish i could come over and have you be the person to do my nails 🙁 iv had a horrible time finding someone that i liked to do my nails 🙁

  2. Absolutely stunning!! We have nothing like this in Jacksonville, Florida. If we do, I haven't found it yet! Attention to detail is in every corner. Very charming and relaxing place.


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