teenage skincare routine (almost all natural products) NOT SPONSORED


this video has been soooo requested so i hope you guys enjoy!
every single product i show in this video i genuinely love so dont be alarmed if i have a discount code , i really do love the product.
(you can find most of these products at your local drugstore or ulta)

DISCLAIMER: i am no way saying that this will work for you or that you have to buy these products, i am simply just showing what i use to keep my skin clear (:

btw i do this routine at night & in the mornings i just wash my face with warm water and then cold water & use aloe as moisturizer

incase y’all wanted a little bit more info about my skin
i have normal to dry skin.
if its colder weather i tend to be more dry & occasionally throughout the day i get a little oily on my tzone (nothing too bad)
basically all my life ive used clean n clear & all these chemicals to ‘clear pimples’
CHEMICALS ARE SOOO BAD FOR YOUR SKIN (well for my skin at least)
for about a year ive been trying a bunch of different products & i finally came to conclusion that chemicals are terrible for your skin (duh) it irritates it which causes even more breakouts so i did alot of research and switched to this all natural skincare. i finally found what works best for me.

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  1. Marina !! Please buy REAL african Black Soap! This can be bought from your local African Beauty Supply store! Real black soap is BROWN! Never Uniform in color ( so real black soap will have like light brown, dark brown, some greens ) and its NEVER uniform in shape, or texture, it is very griddy and has a faint smell!

  2. USE THE THAYERS WITCH HAZEL INSTEAD IF THAT ONE!! thayer’s witch hazel is the one with the red cap, the one you are currently using has alcohol in it. Thayers only contains pure witch hazel

  3. i just tapped on your video to re-watch it because it would make me forget for a bit how much i hurt for xxxtentacion's death and the intro man…omfg </3

  4. PSA: Using a brush to scrub your skin everyday is not going to be great for your skin ultimately. You should only do heavy exfoliating a few times a week. Your skin is an organ – be gentle with it.

  5. this is rly late but i love how this is straight to the point, still some affordable stuff, u give good info IN UNDER 4 MINUTES. LIKE YES IM SO TIRED OF YOUTUBERS RAMBLING FOR 10 MINUTES ABOUT ALOE VERA GEL AHAHHAHA ily

  6. marina if you want a witch hazel thats not drying / doesnt smell disgusting go buy the thayers rose water one at target!!! plus its only 8$ 😉 its actually hydrating but it works just as well as the tn dickinsons one 🙂

  7. I just started getting acne this year and it started as little bumps all over my forehead and I tried literally everything but nothing worked it just gets worse and now it’s spreading so my cheeks and lowkey making me a depressed ass bitch every time I stare to long at my skin in the mirror I cry and have a whole meltdown and I honestly don’t know what to do


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