The Quick Version of My Signature Celebrity Kitten Eye


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  1. Uuuhhmmm…where have u been all of my life!!! Ive searched youtube for winged liner for hooded eyes tutorials for 2 friggin years…then one night i REALLY RANDOMLY stumble on a gold mine…wowww and thank you!!!

  2. Lisa, I just saw this video this morning and decided to try it. I have hooded eyes, and they turn down at the corners like a basset hound. I love the look of winged eyeliner, but I have to do it so long that it looks really ridiculous when my eyes are closed or when I look down. I had always wanted to know how to do a kitten eye liner and yet have it work with my hooded, downturned eyes. This has been an amazing change and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

  3. something i seem to have trouble with is connecting eyeliner as you have on the outer corner, where my upper and lower eyelids meet. my waterline creases and follows out to the corner, it's hard to describe – there's something of a shallow line following it out the corner and fading. it's light, not really noticeable until i'm attempting to connect bottom and top liner there. once it's in this crevice, though, it's more difficult to apply, and throughout the day, smudges and creases and actually migrates a tad bit.
    could anyone offer advice? i ADORE this look, but i'm starting to think i'll have to leave a gap instead of connecting the liner.

  4. Ooo! I"m going to try this. I have very large, round eyes and I swear I look terrible with a cat eye. It makes my eyes look even rounder when I do the eyes fully lined and I hate it. I'm wondering if this will work for me with my eye shape? Going to try it!

  5. Looks like a Korean puppy eye, which I frequently use instead if a cat eye as I don't have hooded lids, but my outer corners drag downwards too much, leaving little space in between

  6. Thank you for posting this. I have struggled to get this right. The way you show it makes it so much easier to follow. What type of lighted mirror do you suggest? I don't have good lighting and often what I do in the bathroom doesn't translate to day light.

  7. hi Lisa! I have a technical question; I am good at tight-lining the upper lash line with gel or liquid liner, but whenever I do it transfers really unattractively onto my lower water line. I may have quite "watery" lids, but is there anything I can do to avoid this? Much love <3


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