Tiger Stripes – Animal Print Nail Art Using Gel Polish


Suzie designs gorgeous Tiger Stripe inspired Animal Print Nail Art using Gel Polish.

Suzie’s New Clean Acrylic Starter Kit, Premium Acrylic Brush and Files are available to everyone, both DIY’s and Pro’s! Also check out her Signature Series ‘Nuke It’ Apron😀

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Products Featured in this Video:

Soak-Off Gel Polishes by Madam Glam:
Perfect White
Perfect Orange
Perfect Black
No Wipe Top Coat

Holi 48w LED/UV Nail Lamp by Madam Glam


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Leopard, Tiger Illustration

Close Up of Tiger Fur Photo
Vintage 90’s Terminator Shirt from Universal Studios
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  1. hi Suzi can you please help me I brought the 123 go kit from your friend's company and I was so disappointed that their thumbnails do not fit me I have very wide thumbnails 2 cm to be exact can you direct me to a company that makes the gel tip so I can talk to them and ask for help you are the only one I could think of.

  2. Omg I’m so glad I found u on YouTube!!!! U teach me soo much especially since this virus has kept me frm going to the nail salon. I’m sure I won’t hav to go anymore unless I just want to be pampered once this is over. Thanks soo much for the education

  3. These are so pretty! I thought they'd be really complicated to do, but you explained it really straightforward and easy. 😀
    Also, Carol Baskins absolutely killed her husband. :3


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