Tips On How To Get Long Hair & My Hair Care Routine


Hey guys! Sorry about the late video but we’re back with a video on “Tips On How To Get Long Hair and My Hair Care Routine”. Sadly, these tips aren’t “over night” hair growth. These tips are gradual and it takes a lot of time. It took me about 6 years to grow out my hair this long and I simply kept it healthy. I hope you like this video!
Products used:

100% Pure Coconut Oil- literally from any grocery store. Specifically, I got mine at Target.
Chi Silk Infusion- Target
Coconut Oil Deep Repair Mask- Sally’s Beauty Supply. Buy one at:

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ALSO, I want to address that the statement I made “cutting your hair signals the brain to make it grow longer/faster” is completely false. I had no idea wtf I was saying and I heard it a while back from a website so I thought “why not?” Sorry for the false statement. Don’t waste your time commenting what I said was wrong because I knowww Im wrong. ha thanks

Hope this video helped you all and i loveee you!



  1. I always feel like all of these tips to grow long hair is for brown hair color because brunettes are really thick with the hair texture. WHAT ABOUT BLONDES AND GINGERS??? We have thin hair, thinner than brown hair. So I really wish someone can give us helpful tips for blondes and gingers. (I'm a blonde.)


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