Top 10 Best Perfumes for Fall Female Fragrances 2018


Best Fragrances for Women Compliment Sexy Perfumes for Females
#10 1:15 Tom Ford Velvet Orchid
#9 2:12
#8 3:15
#7 4:09
#6 5:25
#5 6:09
#4 7:30
#3 8:23
#2 9:21
#1 10:51

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  1. What do you think about replica? I haven’t seen you talking about this one. But this is one of my favorite brand especially i love beach walk. It is a bit old one and it is for summer. I know performance wise it is not so great but the smell of it !!! Awesome ! So nostalgic

  2. @Jeremy Fragrance I would like to purchase some of these fragrances but I am terrible at spelling and speaking product names so would you please put name tags or subtitles for each product you show. Much appreciated have a wonderful day.


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