Top 10 Best Perfumes for WINTER Women Female


Fragrances for Women Perfume Suggestions Winter Cold Weather
#10 0:49
#9 1:35
#8 2:37
#7 3:32
#6 4:45
#5 6:13
#4 7:39
#3 9:50
#2 11:03
#1 12:27

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  1. But really do you like women look like a swett candy? Why a woman have to smell of cacao, caramello, honey, cinnamol, liquirice? Woman is not a piece of cake! Where are fragrances like shalimar, samsara, poison, chasmir? Fragrance for a Woman not for a little biscuit to eat.

  2. Genius marketing strategy for your own fragrance line Jeremy but please get some humility and stop plagrising other people's work. It gives a bad rep to the community


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