Top 10 Best Women’s Perfumes / Fragrances! 2015


These are my top 10 / ten favorite / best perfumes / fragrances for women for the year 2015. I hope you like my fragrance picks / recommendations!

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  1. Ah, how I loved you instantly for loving “L”. Such a complex scent. One of my favorites. I’m so sad they stopped making it. The juice in my pretty little bottle is turning a bit amber. Your reviews are very enjoyable- sincere and thorough. Glad to have found your channel, it’s wonderful!

  2. i like d&g lb pretty good , but i love love love angel on my wife , i bought her the original , the leather one , the taste of fragrance , the liquour one , two of the summer versions , innocent , muse , and recently i bought her from thierry mugler also aura and thats becoming a fav of mine so good ,,
    on another note i almost hated chergui when i smelled it

  3. My Father was so amazing at describing things like the origins of Chanel and the secret exclusive ingredients to me- I'm not sure if he studied perfumery but any thing he read or learned about was set to memory. I wish he could have smelled so many . I used to have a patchouli essential oil 30 years ago that he didn't care for – I'd bet he'd like some of these other varieties available today – I know I would have enjoyed conversation about fragrance with him. He was a genius, a true educator

  4. I hate angel. I remember the 1st time i was gifted it, i literally gifted it to someone else. I think dolce and gabbana light blue is over rated. I would never purchase iy unless its maybe on sale. My faves are, 1) kenneth cole black for her, 2) elizabeth taylor violet eyes, and 3) dolce and gabbana the one. I just bought alaia paris and i love this also. Another i love that i purchased in the past is versace eros.

  5. Thierry Mugler Angel is definitely polarizing. My girlfriend and her mom love it but Ive absolutely not been a fan of it from the first whiff. Now I know why. Super informative video guys. Thanks and good work

  6. I'm new to your channel. I love your videos. You give amazing descriptions and I also like your taste.
    Just came from your 2016 video. I've never been more convinced of the role of appearance for credibility though. In that one you're wearing a suit and I was subconsciously convinced that you know what you're talking about even before watching the video. This one you're wearing a shirt and even if I already know you know what you're talking about you don't look like you would know about perfumes.

  7. can't stand most of these. worked with women in their 50's & 60's & they wore Angel, blue & flower bomb. wanted to love flowerbomb & sprayed a sample on my daughter in the morning before she went to school and when i picked her up later, she smelled like an old woman. ugh apologized to her for spraying her & had her jump in the shower asap

  8. I'm in awe of your knowledge and ability to be pristine in your descriptions of fragrances. That is a difficulty task. I love Light Blue. It's been my signature scent for years. Didn't realize I had an affinity for Bergamot until Bath and Body Works introduced Bergamot Waters. I must try your number one choice, Creed Acqua!

  9. in June I blind bought your favourite fragrance, I didn't fall in love with it though…. but I like it very much for formal ocasions in summer, it's the most expensive perfume in my collection, but still for my weddimg day I should search further…


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