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  1. What are your thoughts on “Creed – Royal Princess Oud” Jeremy ? We have just been in Berlin for 5 days where i couldn’t resist buying a second bottle of aventus and we were given a sample vial for my partner… i thought it was particularly nice in both the opening and the dry down, where as i am really not fond of the womens aventus as it has a harshness too it a little similar to a glass cleaning product

  2. Hi jeremy i really love your channel <3 i have a question, I really love the smell of patchouli and jasmine together, but i just can't find a perfume with a good mix of this but that is not manly? I am open to suggestions, thanks!!!

  3. YEEESS. Back to Black By Kilian is my #1. I smelled its aroma for the first time at Saks and immediately passed out. Once I regained consciousness, I looked at the price tag and passed out again. I had to have it though so purchased the travel size. It does have a heavy honey note but (to me) I pick up more of the tobacco and cherry. Regardless, it is extremely sensual.

  4. Ich liebe BYREDOs Bal d'afrique und es ist wirklich so einzigartig, ich habe nie etwas in der Art gerochen und habe mir kürzlich auch das 100ml Fläschchen gegönnt :o) Aber an Gummibärchen hat es mich noch nie erinnert ;D Ich finde es hat eine gewisse Wärme, aber riecht trotzdem frisch und man kann es das ganze Jahr über tragen, große Liebe!!

  5. Jeremy- It's such a great list!!.. – i have not even heard of most of them… ive been out of the fragrance game for a while!! Great list- so curious now!! Love Gris anf Fave Del… and of course Bal D' Afrique… (fave) !!! Want to try the Mandarin Carnival…sounds lovely…well they all do…hahaha

  6. Just got 2 Samples of Byredo, B’aldaphreak and I am so obsessed that I am saving my money for the Bottle! This is Beauty! I wouldn’t say Gummy Bears, but it is Sooo Pleasing that I can’t stop smelling the shirt I put it on, yep” I haven’t Washed it. I work with Many males, and There faces let me know that I smelled Fantastic, they kept getting close because I know just like me they’ve never smelled something like it! I told myself “I wonder if Jeremy Sniffed this Already? ! And Look ! It’s at the number 2 spot!! Cuz Jeremy is the Shieeeeeettt !!! Love u babe!!


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