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  1. Omg is only me or what I hate Alien perfume omg I'm not a fan at all…Love you Demi and I buy most of your recommendation but Alien is a big NO for me. My fave perfumes are by Lancome for sure ly Demi❤

  2. For the type of fragrances you seem to like i'm surprised you never spoke about Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Intense. It's such a beautiful fragrance for fall/winter and fly's so under the radar. I don't know any other woman besides my wife that wears it (my gift to her) And you should hear the amount of compliments she gets)) Give it a try if you never tried it. I'm 100% sure you'll love it. Btw thank you for the Review of Shiseido ZEN…omg I tried it on the shop and I'm completely in love! It's now on my top5 fragrances for women ; )

  3. I am totally obsessed with these fragrance videos now. I used to were Black Orchid in the summer, and I always got compliments. it is good all year round. I think I mentioned that I stopped wearing it, because too many people started wearing it where I live. It is a pretty perfect fragrance though, IMO,

    Would you do some candle videos?

    Keep the fume videos coming.

  4. Hi Demi. I agree with all you have advised us, but I would have liked you mentioning "Decadence" de Jacob, as well. I consider it one of the nicest and unique perfumes in these moments. Thanks. ♥♥♥

  5. I think they discontinued Shanghai Lily. My sister wears it and my husband picks it up for her overseas. When the sales lady told him it was to be discontinued he bought her two bottles.

  6. I absolutely love your channel! You have awesome taste in fragrances! Alien is my signature fragrance I’ve probably gone through like 10 bottles.

    I would love to see your favorites celebrity fragrances list!

  7. Just came across your channel and I can see already we could talk perfume all day! Totally the same taste and Alien has been my fav for the last 12 years. Got others but I always have it on my shelf

  8. Hi! Great list! You're so pretty! What lipstick are you using here? It's such a pretty color! Anyways, I feel you with the cramps stuff haha I get em for a longer period of time coz of my condition. Anyways, TMI haha. More power to your channel! <3

  9. I love your perfume rivew so much! such a nice content.
    I love gourmand scent and want to try orchidee vanille and desert rosewood so badly!!!
    My fave is fave delicieuse and black orchid and i have to mention Burberrys Brit woman too! x

  10. I'm so surprised you added parade candy, personally I don't think that compares to any of the others lol, but I do love your taste, but I went back to my samples and smelled this one and yuck, I don't see the beauty but maybe the sample was old.. hmmm… my orchidee will be here today and lancome Monday, I want to buy the tonka imperial next, but I love the oud rose and intense cafe which came yesterday, and girl, your on point with those!! 🙂

  11. I know it's not on this list but since you've mentioned it before, would you say that the Juicy Couture Gold would also count as a nice fall scent? And how do you feel about Jimmy Choo perfumes like the original one?

  12. You are so gorgeous girl , I turn you on first thing in the morning so no other women is in my mind for the day not even my wife your eyes and your voice are so dreamy; Who are you….. LOL. Very yummy girl very ,Paul from Canada.

  13. As I've noticed we have a very similar parfume taste, so I'm gonna try the ones that you recommend and I've seen in your video for the first time. Thank you for recommendation. Great video 🙂 xxx


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