Top 5 Best Tom Ford Fragrances


My Favorite Tom Ford Fragrances for Men and Women
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  1. the ladies didn't like the strong scent because tom ford needs to air out for about an hour before you can really smell the notes. it's too strong for me when i first spray, but an hour later i smell amazing.

  2. I always imagine that fragrances had no packaging that prime you to certain impressions. With that said, if we were to ignore the pricing as well, Tobacco vanilla makes an awesome car fragrance. And alongside montale's fruit musk and tm's muse (maybe oud satin too … but I'm reaching here) … FF doesn't sound as unique, no?

  3. Bought TOM FORD "Oud Wood" for fucking €200,- . Smell like shit! It is sooooo soft, you have to spray 5 more times to get some notes. This is my 5th perfume from not BIG BRANDS (Boss, Dior, CHANEL…) My conclusion is: Stay away from these kind of perfumes. These are only fake names and hypes! Big companies have research team and more money and power to investigate and create a better fragrance. Making fragrance is not about adding some Indian juice together! It's pure art, You have to be a good chemist. For me never ever again TOM FORD or any similar names!

  4. Just wondering why are tom Ford fragrances so expensive? It is it just the brand, or is it because they use the real ingredients to produce the fragrances as opposed to artificial smells?

  5. Fucking fabulous smells like baby diapers/wipes and a touch of saw dust but I still wear it so people think I’m a dad.. since I’m getting a slight dad bod. Makes sense


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