Top Ten Womens Perfumes | Fragrances 2018!


Hope you all enjoy this. I tried the best I could because I personally don’t wear these fragrances. I just love them on my wife so I’m sorry if I seem ignorant in this video lol.



  1. Thank you for doing one for us ladies! Nice that you listed not hard to find and less expensive scents. I LOVE Pink Sugar! It's just soothing to me, and the longevity is amazing. Ha ha, I haven't smelled the Lancome one! Great video and fun. I'm loving different ones during cool or warm weather. A less expensive in summer is Korres White Tea, Bergamot and Freesia and for winter I love (I'll leave out the expensive Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady!), Chergi by Serge Lutens or Repetto. Thank you for this! Susan


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