Under Eye Dark Circles – Some Causes & Treatments Tutorial


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So many people write to me asking what causes their under eye dark circles and what they can do to treat them that I thought I better make a video covering the basics. I’m not a scientist but I do have access to some of the worlds best cosmetic scientists and I’m always pushing to hear what’s new and interesting. Darkness and discolouration under the eyes has two main causes which I cover simply in this video along with some of the most well researched and effective ingredients for tackling the different causes.

I don’t feature too many products, instead focusing on identifying exactly what type of dark circles you have and the best ingredients to tackle them so you can make good choices when product shopping.

There is another video in this series coming tomorrow which covers some of the causes and treatments for under eye puffiness and bags (a subject which holds joint place with the above for most frequently asked). I also made a video about using make-up to cover up under eye issues however it came in as feature film length (so much to say!) so I think I need to re-make it!

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  1. This was the best explanation of the different causes of undereye dark circles that I have ever seen. I would also so appreciate an update on new ways to camoflage. This has been a lifelong issue for me( blond, thn skin etc) and now that I am approaching my 70's it is really an issue. I wear sunglasses to disguise it and hate to take them off because l look ten years older when i do and concealer make it look worse. Thank you agan to for your other helpful videos

  2. I would love to see an update to this video. Very informative. I’m sure there have been a lot developments here. I feel there has been a really big push in the cosmetics area with different eye creams and concealers for under eye areas. Interesting to see how far they’ve gone in progress.

  3. Lisa, I believe a number of us would appreciate an updated video on this topic. I’d love to know what Vitamin K creams/serums you might recommend. I’ve heard it’s the best treatment for blue-purple circles. Many thanks!

  4. I have some blueness under the eyes, but the real darkness is due to my facial structure – sunken area under the eyes and protruding lower eye lids. I try to use a corrector plus a light-reflecting concealer, but nothing can change my bone structure and it sucks. When I don't wear makeup around people who are used to seeing me with it, they always tell me I look exhausted. Nah, thanks, I'm just ugly!

  5. Since this is a very old video, I thought I'd add that I contacted Boots (No7 parent company) and they confirmed that none of their products contain Haloxyl. I've been looking for the Haloxyl in a serum or eye cream everywhere. It does still contain palmitoyl tripeptide-1 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, which are two peptides in the Haloxyl compound. Just thought I'd pass on that tip for anyone looking for the Haloxyl before you drop $30 (USD) on this No7 product!

  6. Dear Lisa, could you do an update on under eye dark circles? Maybe you could recommend some of the new products that have come over the years? Or do a tutorial on how to cover purple under eye area. Or both 🙂 Thank you for your Holy Grail of a channel. Cheers!

  7. Thank you for this informative video Lisa! ❤️ I know it's quite old, but I love the level of detail and how much effort you put into sharing everything you possibly know! You're a gem!

  8. High cheekbones, deepset eyes, thin and pale skin, and genetic purple eyecircles which I've had since i was a kid. When i wake up very early in the morning I look as if I've been punched between my eyes. It's really really bad. High coverage concealer is my salvation! Thanks for this vid!

  9. Hi Lisa, i love your videos sooo much. Can you please do a video on under eye wrinkles. Im only 20 and have started noticing some wrinkles under my eyes, plus i have really dry skin.

  10. Started noticing some fine lines under my eyes. My personal trainer recommended the Somaluxe Moisturizer and the Lady Soma Renewal Serum. You only need a miniscule amount for each eye. The dark circles under my eyes got noticeably lighter and better in about 2 weeks of using both products daily.
    Have seen a couple of negative reviews from people who claim the Lady Soma Renewal Serum stings the eyes – I didnt get that – but I do feel it tingling. To me, this means it works! And if it does lightly sting some people, trust me its worth it!

  11. That is on true. I am quite skinny but I have huge cheekbones and especially when I smile my under-eye-area looks really sunken in. It is annoying, and it got alot worse when I was about 25. I'm 31 and even though I otherwise look really young these sunken "holes " make me look like a corpse if I'm not wearing makeup:p

  12. I agree with that it's definitely not always lack of sleep, because I get to bed really late most of the days though under extreme relaxation, nothing ever happens with my undereye skin with such circumstance, but once I'm stressed, whether it's work or life and even if I sleep the whole day through my skin and eyes would both look terrible.

  13. Really informative video Lisa! I have a sunken undereye area with brownish pigmentation, so it's really difficult for me to cover it up. Would love an updated video from you on this subject, as well as a tutorial on how to conceal a sunken under eye area!

  14. Hi +Lisa Eldridge 

    please, would you be able to do an updated one of these undereye discolouration films now that the newer products will be out?

    Also…. please please please… will you do a series of under eye concealing videos, each focussing on a different under eye issue?

    I have dark circles which are brown/grey/green/purple and as dark/heavy as bruises (some is pigmentation, some is genetics, some is lack of sleep due to chronic pain condition)… and even mixing a camouflage and clinique airbrush together doesn't hide how gaunt my under eye area looks.

    Thank you for your videos  <3

  15. load of rubbish. All these creams are a scam. None of them work. They can legally make all these bogus claims and get away with it because anyone who wants there creams removed has to prove they don't work, rather than them proving they do work. Whole things bogus. You are what you eat, it's that simple. If any of these claims made by the cosmetics industry were true, celebs wouldn't be going for botox at 30

  16. great video lisa. yes i can honestly say as someone who has genetic under eye circles/bags it's very frustrating to hear people say i should just sleep more. seems like there is nothing i can do about them :/

  17. I'm sure you get plenty of money for the product placement but marketing that unnatural stuff is just wrong.   the natural way is the way to go.

    make should not be worn by young girls or anyone.  shame on all you.


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